Live2Sell, Inc. Becomes Microsoft Certified Partner

Last night our executive management had the pleasure of being invited to the opening of the new Thinking Tools, Inc. Regional Office, here in Cebu City. TTI has been Live2Sell’s IT supplier of choice since the first day of our operations, and we made the festivities even more memorable by signing an Agreement with Microsoft Partner Group Manager, Jerry Bongco and his team, to become fully recognized as a Microsoft Certified Partner.

“The decision to become a Microsoft Certified Partner was not a hard one to make…” commented Live2Sell’s President, Francis Lim, when interviewed by local press who covered the Agreement Signing. “Our company has seen very steady growth during the last couple of years and we are very happy to now be a certified partner with the worlds leading software company…” he continued.

Live2Sell now houses over 100 full-time employees, all with individual CPU’s and all running genuine Microsoft software only. As our company continues to grow, our collaborations with corporations such as Microsoft will also grow.

MicrosoftLive2Sell’s CEO, Chris C. Ducker, commented on what this decision meant to our company long-term – “Our clients, who are scattered literally all over the world, need to know that when they work with Live2Sell they work with a company that can be trusted and relied upon. Updating our entire IT infrastructure to ensure that only genuine Microsoft products are used on our machines shows our clients and partners that not only do we mean business, but that we are willing to invest time, energy, effort and finances to make sure they get the BEST from us in all aspects of our business operations…”.

For more information on our services, such as Virtual Assistants, Outbound Telemarketers and our ever expanding Inbound Customer Service solutions, please contact us directly through using the form on our Contact Us page.

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