Call Center in the Philippines: Hire Professional Inbound & Outbound Call Center Services

Based in Cebu City, Live2Care is a topnotch Philippine outsourcing company providing comprehensive call center solutions for business owners worldwide. As a rising BPO company in the Philippines with new technology and client-tailored services to boot, Live2Care has become a company of choice for many businesses and one of the top companies in the Philippine call center industry.
Over the years, Live2Care has helped boost up profitable revenue of many businesses.

Here are the 4 major call center services the company offers:

  • Outbound Telemarketing Services
  • Business to Consumer & Business to Business Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Inbound Call Center Services or Customer Service Support

In 2010, call center in the Philippines becomes number one in the world, followed only by India. The growing numbers of call center companies in the Philippines is an indication of the steady confidence and satisfaction that investors have in the Filipino workforce, and the foreign owners and management that launch these International service providers for clients overseas.

According to a survey conducted last 2008 by the Social Weather Stations (SWS), several Filipinos who can comprehend spoken English progressed from 65% in March 2006 to 76% in April of last year. As the world’s third largest English speaking country, the Philippines is an ideal location to outsource call center services especially for clients who maintain a majority of English-speaking customers and account holders. Industries such as Recruitment, Financial sector firms, Marketing, Online product providers and Travel corporations are just some of the clients enjoying the services of Live2Care, for example.

The Call center outsourcing business is fueling the BPO industry in the country and Inbound call center companies as well, as companies offering telemarketing in the Philippines are increasing their presence within the growing industry. Working in a cell center nowadays is one of the most lucrative occupations that even a fresh college undergraduate can get into. Most undergraduates and those searching for higher pay compensation in their careers opt to work as customer call center agents. Live2Care, however, only takes on board full college graduates, at all levels of their corporate ladder – this is to promote professionalism within the company’s updated and fully integrated facility in Mandaue City, a growing area of the Queen City of the South, as Cebu is known as.

Live2Care, is surely standing proud and flying high as a top call center in the Philippines, and is now reaching out to potential job seekers, with the opportunity to work and follow a career path that’s going to lead you to success in the international market place. As a corporate business call center, Live2Care delivers the best inbound and outbound campaigns for clients all over the globe. Be it outbound telemarketing services such as appointment setting or lead generation, or inbound customer service campaigns including upsell and 1-800 number handling, we provide cost-efficient and effective results to help our clients profit from their investment with us as a business partner.


Clients get to free themselves from unnecessary financial expenditures, and grow their business at the same time, whilst our employees get to grow with the company as promotions from within are always encouraged. If you would like to apply, or want more info, call +63 (0)32 345 1734 or email hrd[at]welive2sell[dot]com.

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    One of my favorite customer service quotes is “The quality of our work depends on the quality of our people.” -UNKNOWN

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    Hi, we are looking for an outbound telemarketing services. Please get back to me via email if your company offers such services.

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    pls…… i want job!!!! tanx godbless

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