Helping Call Center Agents Cope with Stress


The developing and increasing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies like Philippines call center companies undeniably offer the Filipino workforce opportunities to earn well and pursue promising careers in sales, marketing, and customer service.

Call centers are the main suppliers of customer-detailed information and providers of practical advantage in a progressively more customer-centered world. According to studies and research, call center agents are prone to suffer from role stress.

Role stress – as defined by the Internet Journal of World Health and Societal Politics – is stress suffered by individuals because of their role/function in a company or an organization. These individuals take on a role based on the expectations of their selves and of other people like co-workers or organization members.

Role stress, according to studies, can negatively impact a call center agent’s performance, administrative commitment, and work fulfillment. However, it has been established that leadership, competence, and empowerment in call center companies directly influence role stress.

Call centers should come up with ways to help call center agents manage role stress. One way to help lessen role stress is to provide adequate information on the importance of sleep and relaxation. Encourage your call center agents to get more rest to alleviate physical and mental fatigue. Try to check their overtime schedule, perhaps the extra workload is taking its toll in work accidents, sickness, and absenteeism.

Influence call center agents to start a healthy lifestyle by emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition.  You can start by providing healthy food snacks in vending machines or in cafeterias.

To also help cope stress, allow before-and-after meetings during shifts. This will encourage call center agents to talk about the day’s events and share their thoughts and emotions during the entire shift. Allowing them to discuss work and even personal matters with their team mates can alleviate the emotional stress that they are experiencing.

It is imperative for BPO companies like call centers to assist and support their employees in coping role and work-related stress. Stress-free employees are more productive, cooperative, and successful in what they do.

Here at Live2Sell, we strive to alleviate role stress by providing our call center agents adequate and necessary resources to help them become stress-free employees.

We provide our call center agents the “chillout room” where they can sit back and watch their favorite TV shows; a cozy “sleeping area” where they can take naps during lunch and scheduled breaks; a pantry where they can together dine or enjoy coffee with their teammates; and scheduled team building activities to help employees get to know each other better and establish stronger and deeper working relationships with co-employees.

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