Managing Call Center Stress Through Team-Building Activities

Behind every successful company is a team of happy and satisfied team members. Enjoying work is one thing; enjoying who you work with is another.

team building

In an inbound and outbound call center, employees are more productive and are less stressed-out when they enjoy what they do and who they work with.  A strong camaraderie among agents of call center company produces a strong and productive team of happy workers.

One way to help call center agents relieve themselves from stress is through a team-building activity (TBA). A TBA is helpful in ensuring productivity and harmony among call center agents.  TBAs also assist employees in developing their leadership, social, and communication skills.

There are various types of team building activities depending on which goals you want to achieve by the activity. Simple activities like

  • eating out,
  • traveling together to a new place, or
  • trying something new together can be great team activities.

For starters, you can play sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, or volleyball. Sports activities can help build up self-confidence, teamwork, discipline, and respect for others. Sports are also entertaining and can help relieve physical stress, and help boost the body’s immune system. Children’s games and board games can also be great team-building activities. Games that stimulate the intellect and creativity are great activities for the team.

Call center outsourcing companies usually come up with group activities to help agents cope with stress and boost positive group and individual attitudes. In planning team building activities, team goals must be obvious and entirely understood and well-received by each call center agent.

During team-building activities, perform activities that have various roles to select from to make room for everyone in the team. You can place inbound call center agents in various roles than those they are accustomed to. Doing so, will help them value what other teams are going through.

Happy and stress-free employees make a great effective and productive team of workers. Making sure that your outbound call center agents are happy and work well with other team members is rewarding and beneficial to your company.

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