Inbound Customer Service

Live2Care provides a one stop solution for outsourcing inbound customer service. We can help maximize the efficiency of your company and ensure you the best return of your investment.

Our clients have trusted us because of our advanced infrastructure, communication technology, and the ability to report back promptly, and provide regular customer service call logs to keep them updated properly, plus much more.

Main Services of Live2Care’s Inbound Customer Support Campaign:

  • Toll Free Customer Service Support
  • Order Taking and Processing
  • 24/7 Directory Assistance
  • Product and Services Up selling Campaigns
  • Customer Retention Management Program
  • Technical Support
  • Managing Overflow Calls from existing local call centers

Outsourcing inbound customer service provides you with well-trained representatives for 24/7 product, billing, and technical support to customers and clients of medium and large-size companies in America and Europe.

Major Advantages of Outsourcing an Inbound Customer Service

One top advantage of outsourcing in the Philippines is that companies can tap into effective and efficient manpower to deliver world-class quality of inbound and outbound customer service at lower operational costs.

Because of this advantage, inbound customer service call center from the Philippines is sought after by multi-national companies around the world.

Second, Filipinos have a natural inclination to be polite and helpful, as well as fantastic English communication skills. For individuals who are in search for inbound customer service jobs, it is essential to have good communication skills.

Customer service calls for good listening skills and the willingness to be pro-active, going an extra mile to please a customer.

Third, outsourcing  customer service representative’s job description also includes flexibility and adaptability when it comes to work schedules. A person who is willing to work in different shifts is fit for customer service work.

Your One Stop Solution

Live2Care offers a comprehensive solution on offshore outsourcing services such as inbound and outbound customer service, outbound telemarketing, and Philippine virtual assistant services to small and medium-size companies all over the world.

We offer our clients access to the strategically placed web cameras in our facilities so they can have live feeds from our work areas, allowing them to see how our inbound and outbound customer service call center agents work, and why Live2Sell is among the top BPO companies in the Philippines.

For more info on our inbound customer service, outbound telemarketing and Philippine virtual assistant services, feel free to contact us now!

21 Responses to Inbound Customer Service

  1. Mike says:

    Do you have spreadsheet format for inbound call agent report?

  2. bill says:

    What are the skills needed before you are consider as quality or top notch inbound customer service?

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  6. “Filipinos have a natural inclination to be polite and helpful, as well as fantastic English communication skills.”

    Great article. I agree, this may be one of the reasons why the Philippines is almost up there with India when it comes to being an IT offshore services provider.

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  8. Ranier says:

    Do you have white paper about being an inbound customer service representative? Let me know, give us link to this article.

  9. Jamila Birkenholz says:

    In this economy it can be difficult but there are still customer service representative job description you could find.

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