Live2Sell Group CEO, Chris C. Ducker, Becomes a Professional Member of the IAOP!

Continuing to build the company from the ground up, Entrepreneur and 18 year Sales and Marketing veteran, Chris C. Ducker, CEO of the Live2Sell Group of Companies, a Total Business Outsourcing company based in Cebu City, Philippines, recently became a member of the industry’s number one association for executives, namely the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.

As a sought-after writer by industry publications and a subject of a recent interview in Entrepreneur magazine, Ducker shows no sign of slowing down on his quest to create the most successful medium-sized Business Process Outsourcing Company in the Philippines.

“Becoming a member of this very well known and highly respected association was an absolute no-brainer for me…” commented Ducker when interviewed for this release whilst traveling in Europe last week. “Our company has continued to grow very steadily over the last 18 months, despite the economic slow-down in our major target markets. As the guy spearheading this thing I need to know that we have all our bases covered and that we truly understand the overall business model of outsourcing…” he continued.

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) currently has more than 100,000 members and affiliates worldwide and is considered as the leading group in regards to their mission to transform the world of business through outsourcing. Collectively the association’s members are, on average, responsible for $60 million per year of outsourcing spending with some of their larger member companies overseeing outsourcing programs in the billions of dollars.

Live2Sell, who originally started out as a simple Outbound Telemarketing consultancy company has now blossomed into a full-blown outsourcing solutions provider, where they continue to offer B2B and B2C Telemarketing services, but also Inbound Customer Service and support solutions, as well as back-office support. This is done in the form of their highly trained and competent Virtual Assistants, a division of the company managed by one of its subsidiaries, Live2Care, that has seen almost a 300% increase in the last 6 months alone. Eighty-five percent of IAOP  members credit the industry organization for improved outsourcing outcomes for their companies. Something that no professional can ignore, including the Live2Sell head honcho.

“As our company continues to grow, it is going to be professional affiliations, such as the one we have now embarked upon with the IAOP, that sets us apart from our competitors. But more importantly, these affiliations are going to enable us to create a better, higher quality of service, for our clients and that is the overall vision of our company. To provide solid, dependable outsourcing solutions…” Ducker finished up with.

The Live2Sell Group of Companies provides a Total Business Outsourcing solution to clients all around the world that includes Inbound Customer Service, Outbound Telemarketing and Virtual Assistant services. They can be found online at and can also be contact via their US Toll Free number 1-888-301-1249.

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