Call Center Solutions

What are call centers? Call centers are third-party companies that conduct telemarketing, customer service support, or other call center solutions in behalf of other companies who want to maximize their business while lowering their operational costs.

call center solutions

Call centers provide to clients and customers a variety of services such as handling orders or complaints, providing technical support, or product and service support. The use of call center solutions nowadays is growing as businesses worldwide become more complex and broader.

Call centers are either inbound call centers or outbound call centers. Inbound call center covers a number of services. It accepts incoming calls from customers and answers all types of inquiries, provides customer services and technical help, product support, billing services and assists transcription complaints. While in an outbound call centers, agents call the customers and offer services such as telemarketing, advisories, surveys, credit and collection, appointment setting, lead generation, and customer services as well.

Why’s the Philippines call center industry increasing so fast? The Philippines is considered as one of the best locations for call center solutions due to its low operational and labor costs.  Another reason is that, since English is a second language taught in the country, Filipinos have high level of English proficiency, and are able to provide the quality of services the client needs. Philippines call center agents are also regarded as highly professional and capable of handling the various tasks at hand.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the Philippines like Live2Care offer a wide array of call center solutions. These business solutions are perfectly-tailored to help maximize your business to reach its full potential.

Live2Care is one of the country’s foremost medium-sized call center that support services such as outbound telemarketing, inbound customer service, and virtual assistant service. This Cebu-based BPO company is owned and managed by European and American professionals with a team of effective and qualified outsourcing specialists from the Philippines.

For more information about our call center solutions, you can visit our outsourcing company website or you can send us an e-mail.

call center solutions

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  1. Robin says:

    Thanks for informing us about telemarketing and customer service support. With your post, I also came to know the differences of BPO and telemarketing outsourcing.

  2. Denish Moore says:

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  4. Mike Bishop says:

    Hi There

    As someone that has had a company up and running for a while now, I’ve consistently looked into hiring the services of a call center solutions company.

    You’re input here is valuable, and I’ll be getting touch soon to talk more. Thanks again.


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