Qualifications of Inbound and Outbound Call Center Agents

It’s easy to get people to work for you but are they really qualified for the job? The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is dynamic and growing.

Call Center Employees QualificationInbound and outbound call centers are increasing in numbers and the demand for more customer service representatives and telemarketers are also escalating. Call centers in the Philippines have their own ways of promoting their companies – not only to entice clients but as well as to lure qualified professionals to join their team of experts.

If you are running an inbound call center or an outbound telemarketing company, you probably get several job applicants in line. But how do you pick the right people? As an outsourcing company, you do want to provide the best outsourcing services. But how do you get the best people to work for you?

Communication Skills
Call centers in the Philippines
prefer hiring people who are proficient in both oral and written English. Communication skills are important qualifications in selecting the right people for your call center company.

Listening Skills
A call center job is tough, and needs a thorough selection of its employees. As to the hiring process, call centers make sure that they hire only the best. Applicants undergo a series of interviews and examinations, both verbal and written.  A good call center agent must also have good listening skills. Speaking and listening skills go hand in hand.

Degree Holder
In selecting the right people to work in a call center, a lot of things should be considered. You might want to consider educational background and work experience however, one aspect that needs to be considered more are their skills – what they can do to contribute to the growth of the call center company.

Here in Live2Care, we sift our applicants through an extensive and comprehensive recruitment process.  We believe that to be the best in what we do, we have to hire the best people. We only hire qualified professionals to provide the best service to our clients all over the world.  Our team of professionals offers effective and world-class quality inbound and outbound customer service, outbound telemarketing, and virtual assistance service.

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11 Responses to Qualifications of Inbound and Outbound Call Center Agents

  1. P.e.A.r.L 2805 says:

    Yes, i agree with that. Providing comprehensive recruitment process and proper Trainings will have the best and professionals people working in a particular company.
    “In this Outsourcing business our Goal is to give our Client SATISFACTION. “

  2. Marvin Gaviola Dullo says:

    I’m Marvin G.Dullo and very much willing to work in your company,,I’m people-oriented,career-drive and flexible..My aim is to make customers satisfied in our good service.I really love this work.

    I’m just finished my, training in call center academy.I’m very much confident to take these job…My contact no.is 09359864167..

    Truly Yours,
    Marvin G.Dullo

  3. sem724Care says:

    Having a comprehensive recruitment is what our Nation Needs now. Their are over 3,000,000 Filipino people who said to be jobless based on survey.

    With your company having a comprehensive recruitment and employment, this would be of good help to new graduates and unemployed people. With your quality training I believe your company will have a great quality of customer services and supports. More power to you.

  4. Ervin Kleitz Gonzales says:

    I agree that call center job must have a qualification. In order to satisfy the needs of our costumer, we must have a reliable workforce.

  5. madhav says:

    I recently completed my intermediate and now doing B.E.. I need a job and trying for call center and i’m good in english and hindi. My question is, am i elgible for call center job? and what is a call center job? If i’m elgible how much salary can i expect?

  6. romil says:

    having such process like what your company’s trying to point out gives a reliable source for selecting the best professional call center agent..i love to work as a call center agent coz this is my desire . im willing to work hard for me to achieve my goal. Im ROMIL SABEJON from pasig city and here is my contact # 09264502136…

  7. eric p says:

    I need an expert in both outbound and inbound agent who can give me tips on how to pass a mock call. I just failed in a simulated call.

  8. romie culentas says:

    hello! ‘m romie, all the way from mindanao. I traversed islands and landed here in manila to look for a job. Indeed, to work in a call center is my top list. I can speak and write english with clear pronunciations and dictions. I have read already some articles about the natures of call center. And because of that, i’m encouraged to work in such field. Please contact me in this number 0910

  9. Hazel says:

    Hi im hazel,from the province of ilocos sur.i want to know what are the qualifications to be a call center agent?

  10. Hazel says:

    Hi.im hazel!im not a degree holder do i qualify as a call center agent.plz let me know.,coz i want to be a part of it.tnx

  11. Mr. Napada Anlang says:

    Lol @ them comments. Are you guys really qualified? xD

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