Making the Call Center a Happy Place

Have you ever noticed how your call center agents feel so drained, weary and so uninspired to work in the office? Have you noticed how your call center agents whine and moan coming in to the office to work?

Maybe there is something wrong with your call center representatives (CSRs) – or maybe there is something lacking in your call center environment. Some say having fun in the office is an oxymoron. But is it really?

Call center culture

Call Center Environment

They say, a team of happy and productive CSRs is a product of a healthy and cheery call center environment.  But what exactly makes an ideal happy call center? One of the few things that you have to consider is the kind of facility that you have in your work area –this includes chairs, work tables, computer, and other areas within your facility. You can also conduct activities that will make your call center agents feel motivated and stress-free while working in the office.

Organizing Office Activities

You can start by making your call center an exciting place to be by organizing celebrations like “Crazy Day”,  “Pajama Party”, or “Dress-Like-A-Star” celebration. You can also come up with competitions like “Best Team of the Month”, “Most Agent with Number of Sales”, or “Most Happy Employee of the Month”. One practice that call centers in the Philippines are doing right now is organizing monthly team building activities (TBAs) to help promote camaraderie and unity among call center employees.

Make things light in the office by encouraging your call center agents to laugh more.  Studies show that laughing increases productivity. According to research, laughing allows people to think clearly and they become productive when they think clearly and become stress-free.  In the workplace, it is important to see the positive, and sometimes the humorous, side of negative situations.

Making your Call Center a Happy Place is Easy

All you have to do is to provide your call center agents the right amenities to make them comfortable, fun activities to make them relax and laugh more.  Allowing your call center agents to have more space and to breathe more is a good way to relieve stress in the workplace.  The more happy your call center agents are, the more productive they become; and the more productive they are, the more happy your customers become as well.

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