Benefits of Company Team Building Activities

Team Building Activity Benefits Company

Have you ever heard the old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Too much work can be stressful and it takes toll on an individual’s physical, emotional, and psychological health. In fact, too much work can kill.

The role of team building activities (TBAs) is important, not only in keeping employees stress-free, but as well help companies promote camaraderie and team work within all levels. According to studies, too much work can cause stress-related illness such as migraine headaches, heart attack, muscle tension, stiff neck, or can even lead to cancer.

To minimize stress-related illness, companies organize TBAs to help employees release stress. Common team building activities include playing sports like basketball, volleyball, baseball, or soccer; attend seminars and other self-improvement trainings together; organize games and activities that involve group participation.

Team building activities offer quite a number of advantages both for the employers and the employees.  TBAs improve stimulus and production.  Bringing people outside of the office can aid in breaking down personal and political fences, eradicate anxiety and promote fun.  According to research, team building activities assist in improving self-esteem and leadership competence, helps locate the barriers that stops the employee’s creativity, and distinctly defines objectives and aspirations. Team building activities also help companies improve their procedures and processes, and as well enhance the company’s organizational efficiency.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the Philippines specifically the call center companies  have incorporated team building activities as an important strategy in keeping and helping inbound call center agents  overcome stress-related illness.

Live2Sell, an American-managed and European-owned call center company in Cebu, Philippines, believes in keeping their employees happy, healthy and stress-free. Live2Sell organizes exciting and fun-filled team building activities to help promote unity and camaraderie within the Live2Sell team.

Live2Sell is a inbound call center  company that offers virtual assistant services, outbound telemarketing and answering services.

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6 Responses to Benefits of Company Team Building Activities

  1. Dianeli says:

    hi i would like infromation on how the better cater to rep needs in a call center. ideas on activities would be great

  2. Jenn says:

    Team building activities are important to enhance employee working skills as well as their relationship skills. It’s also a good break from all the stress in work.

    We had a great experience with Ripe Stuff. They were able to help us with our communication skills as well as conflict resolution .

  3. Thadz says:

    For your training and team building needs in Cebu, we can help. Call Thadz at 09233173433 or 09204511150 or 032-5184767.

    We are a group that believes in experiential learning and our teambuilding principle is largely based on Robert Tuckman’s theories on group formation. Most of our team building exercises are designed for the outdoors.

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  5. Thadz says:

    Should you need team building facilitators, please visit

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