How To Properly Handle An Irate Customer


Pacifying irate customers is one of the several challenging aspects of customer service. If you are working in a call center facility, you know what and how irate customers are. Whether you are in the customer service department, sales, or technical support department of the call center company, you surely know how and what irate customers are like.

Consider it as an accomplishment if you effortlessly pacify an angry and dissatisfied customer. Talking to an emotionally-charged customer could sometimes feel like defusing an explosive bomb. A customer service representative should be attentive to every detail involved in the situation. If you pull the wrong plug, the bomb explodes.

Same thing goes when you are dealing with irate customers. One thing you have to consider is the fact that these people are calling because they are dissatisfied or confused about your service/product. To properly handle irate customers, you need to listen to what they are ranting all about. Let the customers express what they are feeling.

Sympathize and empathize. Remember to make irate customers feel that you understand what they are going through, and you understand that they are frustrated. Acknowledge any mistakes from your end. Show empathy when it is appropriate and needed during the conversation.

If you don’t understand what the irate customer’s problem is, ask questions. It is important that you understand where the dissatisfaction comes from so you can offer a practical solution to the irate customer’s problem.

Present your solution to the irate customer as confident and politely as you can. You have to sound confident when you offer solutions or explanations to the customer. If you sound uncertain about what you are saying, the customer might take this against you. And instead of pacifying the customer, you might be adding fuel to fire.

Customer service is an art – you need skills and practice to perfect it. Just like any art, you need to have that creativity and passion in what you do.

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