Philippines Telemarketing Services

It is important to spread the word especially when the news is all about your new service or product.Generally, people are happy to be informed about your business especially if these people are patronizing your service or product. Getting the word out is easy but getting it out effectively is another thing – and this is where telemarketing services from telemarketing call centers come in handy.


Telemarketing is direct marketing conducted over the phone.Call center telemarketing services are popular among modern business owners nowadays.Telemarketing companies are effective partners when it comes to lead generation, telesales, and customer service telemarketing. You can find telemarketing companies in the Philippines that are highly efficient and valuable because they have experienced professionals who have undergone comprehensive telemarketing training.

Telemarketing services are great way to communicate with your potential and existing customers.During telemarketing phone calls, there is an instant and direct dialogue between you and your customers. Comments and queries about your service or product can directly be addressed and answered.

If you want to maximize the potential of your business, teleservice call centers are great business partners if you are looking at long-term business growth. One of the growing telemarketing companies in the Philippines, Live2Sell, offers an effective outbound telemarketing service to help you gain a significant effect on increasing your profit, almost up to 150%!

Live2sell, a telemarketing company in Cebu, Philippines, also offers inbound customer service and virtual assistant service to various clients world-wide. For more information about the company services, or for telemarketing jobs, you can visit their website.

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  1. j heard says:

    need to hire telemarketers to make outbound calls for hourly wage for a debt settlement company for home loan modifications and refinancing email is ..

  2. j heard says:

    need to hire telemarketers at 8.00 hour test market for 5 telemarketers if satisfied with their performance will hire 35 or more need 3500 leads a month

  3. j heard says:

    please contact me at phone number between 9 am and 1pm pacific standard time

  4. j heard says:


  5. Loan Modification Processing says:

    thanks for sharing your views on telemarketing. Philippines is growing very fast and giving tough fight to many of its big competitors like India, China….

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  7. Belinda Summers says:

    Call center is one that would outsource telemarketing service operation, where agents or representative call individuals or companies on behalf of a client. Countries such as Philippines are among the least expensive places to acquire skilled and knowledgeable call center agents with the high level of English-proficiency. It helps our country to be more competitive to the other in term of telemarketing.

  8. Joe singer says:


    You are in the business of Telemarketing and i would like to take a minute to suggest a Telemarketing solution which can improve your productivity, data capturing & reporting capability as well as analysing the effectiveness, ROI of Telemarketing Activities.

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  9. henri says:

    need appointment setters for life insurance clients

  10. Ray says:

    Need Telemarketer 5 people must be exprinced and clear english

    contact me ofor quatation

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