Call Center Health 101: Taking Care of Your Eyes

Call center agents can set their talk-meters going with just the right skills and positive attitude. Hitting sales target, keeping the momentum up for improved telemarketing, and maintaining one healthy call center lifestyle have proven to be challenging but a necessity for every call center agent.

Part of a healthy body is a healthy eyesight and it’s important to take good care of the eyes because they are “the windows to our souls.”

A call center agent must know when and how to get the best call center eyesight in order to improve his comparative advantage and of course to function well. The following suggestions will help you reconsider why taking care of your eyes could be the key to better marketing strategy, enhanced sales, and goal-driven professional advancement.

Stuff it Right. Eating healthy foods is the most basic requisite to achieving better eye health. Outbound call center agent must be able to balance his diet with just the right amount of fruits and vegetables. It helps to consider “beta carotene” as significant part of meals. While keeping himself busy with daily customer services, a good call center professional knows that it pays to eat the right meal to be healthy.

Less of Too Much.Another means on how to get better eyesight is to limit the use of eye drops. For sure, staring in front of the computer for several hours could cause eye irritations among many others. Eye drops helps ease up eye itchiness. But it is not a fancy trend for call center agents to use it almost regularly.Remember, too much eye drops without reading its labels could cause even more harm. Less of too much is much better and safe!

Contacts are good, Eyeglasses are Better. Perhaps, a call center agent who wears contact lenses can stand out quite better than those who wear eyeglasses. Not only does wearing contact lenses become trendier than ever, it does allow convenience to work with style. However fashionable it appears, contact lenses should not be worn for more than 12 hours.Otherwise, your eye health is said to deteriorate. Thus, it is always better to have an alternative in the guise of simple eyeglasses.

Limit the Fun. Too much of overtime is not at all fun! Call center agents must know when to have fun in telemarketing and sales. They should likewise be able to understand that limits are set to prevent harm. Too much exposure to computer screens and over engagements to customer services without giving some time for one’s self are not worth the keep!

Learn to start taking care of your eyes. Having a healthy eye could mean having a healthy sight for business prospects. True enough, good eyesight is a wise investment for a good business!

Live2Care,one of the best telemarketing companies in the Philippines, believes in balancing work and play, and in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Live2Care believes that healthy call center agents are successful and productive employees. We encourage our call center agents to eat right and take care of themselves even when working in our facility because WE CAREfor them.

Live2Care isa BPO company in the Philippines that offers cost-effective inbound customer service, telemarketing call center service, and professional virtual assistance to help business owners in the world achieve the highest possible business and personal productivity.

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  1. Trent Balling says:

    I am constantly dumbfounded by the fact that in a human race as shrewd and intelligent as ours, that so few individuals seem to pay attention to invaluable choices which are readily usable to them to enhance their physical well being. It seems that a bulk of people are more interested in a band aid in the form of a doctors visit and precriptions than in overseeing their own wellness process, and doing so in a way that is natural, predictable, and sustainable. That is what makes me value campaigns like yours to train and prompt individuals to activity. I hope that through these campaigns, and others, that cognizance increases quickly and the population at large returns to a mindset of individualized wellness that doesn’t depend upon medical specialists and pills.

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