Health Issues in Telemarketing Centers

Telemarketing centers provide some of the most lucrative and stable jobs across the globe. With outsourcing at its impressive height, the demand for telemarketing services increases a multifold each year. Though the benefits of telemarketing are growing, the number of health issues alongside it continues to threaten telemarketing productivity.

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Health is Wealth.

Intense competition and stressful demands in telemarketing centers may cause health issues amongst the employees. According to Trades Union Council (TUC), telemarketing agents are prone to “back strain and RSI, stress, eyestrain, and voice and hearing loss”. Knowing each of these health issues closely is as important as doing something to avoid them.

Back Strain and Repetitive Strain Injury.

This is a health issue that involves the lower back. Back strain is caused by an injury to the muscles situated near the spine. Upper and lower back muscles can be strained when a telemarketing agent sits awkwardly with the wrong posture for the entire duration of his shift without doing stretching exercises before the start of work and even during break periods. Doing this same wrong routine over and over again can lead to repetitive strain injury. Thus, it helps when telemarketing agents sit up straight, maintain the right posture, and conduct simple exercises during the conduct of their telemarketing work.


A telemarketing agent’s response to the pressures of the telemarketing world can cause emotional and physical strain. Some of the common stress reactions that are frequently befalling amongst telemarketing agents include tension, irritability, inability to concentrate, and even headache amongst many others. If stress is not controlled, it can lead to greater harm to any telemarketing agent’s health and over-all lifestyle. Thus, it helps to get some time off, to take work easily, and to avoid too much engagement to overloaded situations.

Eyestrain. Staring at the computer screen for long, straight, and uninterrupted hours can be the cause of eyestrain. This health issue is characterized as the soreness or redness of the eyes due to stress. When not taken seriously over time, eyestrain will have further after-effects such as blurred vision, eye irritation and burning feeling, as well as headaches. Thus, it helps for telemarketing professionals not to overuse their eyes so as not to stress them. Proper lighting can also be one important consideration.

Voice and Hearing Loss.

When a telemarketing agent experiences a gradual decrease in how well he can hear, then he is at risk of hearing loss. When a telemarketing agent is over working his voice system, then he might be in danger of voice loss. Most telemarketers make full use of their hearing and voice faculties. Since the ears and the voice are two important assets that telemarketers should take extra care of, it helps to have proper sleep and rest after every work.

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  1. Kyla Jane says:

    I agree, these are very common health issues in call centers. Almost everyday, an average of 20% employees in a call center can feel at least one of these issues. That’s why a clinic, resting place, and recreational activities and places (like sports facilities and leisure places) are provided in the establishment. But in order to avoid these health issues, the very best tip is to LOVE you job, because if you like what you do, no pain can separate you from it.

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