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Just as there is an inbound call center, there is also an outbound contact center. In an outbound contact center, your agents or telemarketers will be the ones who are going to reach out to your leads or potential customers.

Outbound Contact CenterThere are quite a number of outbound contact centers that are available in different parts of the globe. In fact, the outbound call center industry is considered to be one of the most essential and biggest in the world today.

However, if you aren’t too careful, you will discover that the outbound contact center you’re planning to hire is not the most ideal one for you. To help you pick the right outbound call center, here are the top questions you should ask them:

How much is their service?

One of the foremost reasons why outbound contact centers are patronized by businesses, both big and small, is because of the savings they provide. After all, there’s no need for you to spend any more money for training of employees and acquisition of equipment and supplies. Nevertheless, by doing some good research and price comparison, you may see that others seem to have a much higher price than the others.

What are the different outbound call center services offered?

A lot of business persons think that when you speak of outbound, it only means telemarketing. There are still a lot of services that it may encompass, similar to an inbound call center. It may include data mining or lead generation, follow-up calls, and appointment settings, to name a few.

What’s their track record?

This is one of the most important questions you should learn to ask in an outbound contact center. You cannot afford to spend even a single penny on a company that doesn’t know how to value their clients, who don’t spend time equipping their employees with the right skills to do the job well, who receives a lot of negative feedback, whose customer support is not available 24/7, and who treats your own clients with utmost care.

If  you are looking for an outbound call center, Liv2Care is a outsourcing company based in the Philippines with a team of highly-trained and effective call center agents. Live2Care also offers inbound customer service, outbound telemarketing, and virtual assistant service to various clients worldwide.

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  1. Outbound call center can assist with all forms of customer service, customer support and more. It is important for a company how they will track calls for them to check that their agents are taking care of their clients.

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  3. Ray Gordon says:

    For all those who may read this and think that saying things like: asking questions of tenure, track record and price.. for the sake of saying it.. your wrong. Too often prospects just wanna start off with any call center that offers very cheap labor, just to later on find out that it was the wrong contact center for then.
    If that is you… I would suggest you visit http://www.welive2sell.com for details that can help you make the right choices that will help you cut costs, accomplish and meet all the standards of what a BPO company can do for you, and most of all, be there as a partner not just a client, long term, period!

  4. Roger says:

    Outsourcing is often a terrific way to expand your inside sales presence quickly and affordable. Many telemarketing outsourcing firms are good if you provide them the list, script, and offer and then supervise the implementation thoroughly. What if you don’t already know the best list, script or offer? What if you have a new product or are new to inside sales? The standard telemarketing outsourcing firm is usually not well equipped to figure that out. You need a specialized firm.
    An experienced call center consultant could shorten the road to success and reduce both the cost and possibility of failure substantially. One firm, Customer Solutions Group, specializes in nothing but creating, optimizing and documenting the most efficient inside sales process. Their consultants have decades of experience and run the InsideSalesLab (a sales incubator that specializes in testing). They create a test matrix tailored for each specific service and, using their internally developed specialized software, step through various test sales until a winning process is identified.
    Once the best approach is known, they help migrate that into another permanent call center that can execute the known process very well.

  5. sem724Care says:

    Outbound Call Center are an employment boon in the Philippines. This proves that we as a Filipino are beginning to become more globally competitive.

    More power to you.

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