Ethical Issues in Outsourcing Outbound Telemarketing Services

Outsourcing services is already steeped in ethical issues, and so much more is outsourcing to outbound telemarketing services.  Here are a few:

Most companies now outsource to outbound call centers in India or in the Philippines, and an issue that has occurred is the poor working condition in these countries.  But this seems to be an old issue that has since been remedied.

Because of different business practices, the outbound call centers your company is outsourcing to may have different standard operating procedures, so you should always check with them and conduct audits on how they operate, the work conditions of employees and the policies of their human resource department, as well as other practices, ie. Environmental ones that you may deem important to your company’s philosophy.

Outsourcing to outbound customer service providers will result on your own company making cutbacks in your in-house employees.  Before doing so, it is best to prepare your employees for this, by perhaps giving them a generous severance package and by giving them proper notice so they can look for another job.

There is also the inevitable cultural differences that are still pretty much a problem that perhaps may not be immediately remedied.  Since outbound telemarketing services require calling prospective customers, the agents deal directly with the customers, who may or may not be as open-minded to other cultures.  There are also cultural practices in other countries that cannot be transcended despite the fact that there is no language barrier.  The best thing to practice here is to strike a balance.

Lastly, it has been a concern among companies whether outsourced outbound call centers can meet the quality expectations set by them, since they are so far removed from each other.  Yet since most companies still opt to outsource to outbound telemarketing service providers, it must mean that they are working as efficiently as expected.

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