7 Tips on How You Can Maximize Your Outbound Call Center Agents’ Productivity

ProductivityThere are several ways to utilize your outbound call center services and your agents’ productivity. 

Here are some tips:

1. Re-evaluate how you measure productivity.

Productivity isn’t always based on the average call-handle time of your agent.  Things to consider when assessing your agents’ productivity is the qualitative result of the calls—whether they get results on the first call, or not, how they interact with your potential customers for outbound sales and build a good relationship with them through outbound telemarketing.

2. Train continuously.
Aside from the initial training, you have to train your agents to update them on the new technology and the latest practices to ensure that they do not stagnate in their old practices.  These days, there are always some new ways to increase outbound sales.

3. Practice call-blending.
Allow your outbound call center agents to receive inbound calls aside from the usual outbound services they render. This will create a better relationship between the customer and the company.

4. With call-blending, your agents who only make outbound telemarketing, during their idle time, can also take inbound calls, and vice versa.

This ensures that everyone is maximized during their office hours.

5. Let your agents have full control over how you measure their productivity by not always adhering to the average call handling time measurement of productivity.

6. Invest in software that improves productivity.

There are special softwares specifically for outbound call center agents that filter out answering machines, busy lines and so on, so that with each call, they do not have to encounter impediments such as those and more.

7. Always set goals that are realistic and attainable.

This is true for a lot of things, but especially for outbound call center services.  A realistic goal will ensure that you’re aiming high but not too high, and will produce more results amongst your agents

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