Tips for Successful Telemarketing


There are many ways to improve the sales and overall outcome of your telemarketing, especially outbound telemarketing, wherein your telemarketer initiates the calls to your prospective clients.  Here are a few successful telemarketing tips:

1. Make the first few seconds of the call count.

When making outbound telemarketing calls, you’re not making chitchat—you’re looking for prospective clients, you’re looking to make some sales.  So make sure you spend the first few seconds of the call keeping the prospects interested, but if at the first few seconds, they’re not, hang up the phone.  “Time is of the essence” is perhaps the best telemarketing tip one can give you.

2. Develop a script, but use it only as a guide and never read off from it verbatim.

This may make you sound unnatural and insincere, which is something people can easily detect without seeing your facial expressions.

3. Learn from past experiences.

There is no one telemarketing solution that works in all cases, but if you see that one of your telemarketing techniques is not working well in majority of your calls, then it’s time to revise them.  Keep track of the outcome of each outbound telemarketing call you make—what techniques worked and what didn’t.

4. Practice makes perfect.

This is especially recommended when the telemarketing campaign is new.  Practice with a tape recorder—record your pitch and ask yourself, are you convincing enough?  Or practice with a friend by making mock calls.

5. Time your call.

Identify the hours when prospects are most responsive to your telemarketing call, and use those hours well to your best advantage.

6. Get to know your customers by asking questions.

This will give you an insight on your prospective clients, their lifestyles, and their wants and needs.  This will enable you to determine whether you will be able to seal a deal with them or not.

7. Update your contacts frequently for future reference, especially those that involve successful outbound telemarketing calls.

These are just a few of the many successful telemarketing tips available to companies who are new to this effective sales marketing strategy.  There are various telemarketing solutions that will suit your company’s specific needs.

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9 Responses to Tips for Successful Telemarketing

  1. novem says:

    Telemarketing can be an effective approach for your direct marketing when done in the right way.

    Outsourcing to professional outbound call centers to provide your telemarketing needs is a cost- efficient way generating business leads and setting business appointments to your prospects

  2. Catherine Hopkins says:

    Some very valid points have been made here. I have done quite a bit of research on this topic, and its seems most readers agree with you.

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  4. J.S.Gody says:

    Practice makes a man perfect. Continuous practice would help explore new ways of closing by identifying opportunities. I would like to share few tips on how to close sales over phone. These are sensible strategy, if applied would lead to success.
    a. Variation of scripts – 5 to 10 variations and record response of each variation. But each script needs to be exercised to the fullest, and for a set period of time.
    b. Questioning at the right time, and engage the customer with proper sentences that would trigger to answer.
    c. “Yes” mode – Do not questions that would make the customer say “NO” in the initial calling phase. Example: – Could you please give an appointment? The answer is expected to be 90% “NO”.
    Style of approach varies from telemarketers. Nevertheless, end of the day, the job needs to be completed!…

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  7. Red Lady says:

    A number of very important points have been highlighted here. It’s good help for the beginners out there, like me, especially. Great job!

  8. Richard Ward says:

    Good points made on here. One thing a lot of people forgot is to make sure your savvy with what your trying to hold a conversation about, whether it be product or service orientated as you want to make it feel as unscripted as possible and invite feedback ancd questions to aim engagement on the phone call.

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