Are Filipino Call Center Outsourcing Employees Reliable?

From the highest possible position to the lowest in the call center industry, Filipinos are in demand. But, are they reliable workers? Of course they are! If they weren’t then big institutions like Procter and Gamble, Ford, Intel, Nestle, etc., which are currently working with call center outsourcing companies in the country, would not be doing so. Likewise, no overseas Filipino workers would be hired by countless companies in other countries around the world.

Team Leader

It is a fact that the Philippines is the only Christian nation in Asia and Filipinos uphold Christian values, trust in God and integrity. Also, Filipinos value their family and have high respect for their elders as well as people in authority such as CEO’s, managers, supervisors, team leaders and the like. Aside from this, Filipinos value education so much that everyone is aiming to finish their studies and as much as possible, acquire a degree.

These values build up characteristics that the Filipinos possess; making them reliable and trusted workers.

The following are their character traits:

  • Due to the fact that Filipinos have a high standard of quality education, they are competitive and won’t settle for anything less or mediocre. They aim higher than where they are.
  • Filipinos can easily be trained to perform a multitude of tasks. That’s what makes them capable and competent.
  • Filipinos are actually very industrious. They do not mind if they work overtime without pay just as long as they can finish their job and acquire a sense of fulfillment after wards. In fact, this is seen as a plus in the call center outsourcing industry in the country.
  • Filipinos love to think of better ways in order to solve an issue or complete a task effectively. They are indeed innovative, creating new ideas to enhance their work processes.
  • Filipinos are innately jolly individuals. It is seen in them when greeted by their beautiful smiles. They are indeed very optimistic.

Additionally, we always reiterate that Filipinos are proficient in English and have good work ethics. Those above mentioned character traits are also manifested in every Filipino worker. So, if you are looking to outsource virtual assistance, outbound telemarketing, inbound customer service, lead generation, appointment setting, online marketing, web and graphics designing, transcription or bookkeeping, you can rely on Filipino workers to do these tasks.

3 Responses to Are Filipino Call Center Outsourcing Employees Reliable?

  1. Neil says:

    I recently came across a post on a very similar subject. I personally didnt have a very pleasant experience myself but more and more people are talking about their good experiences wrt outsourcing work to Philippines. I personally have a virtual office setup & things are working real fine for me. Maybe in the future to cut on expenses I might try again. Keep these posts coming!

  2. call centers in the Philippines says:

    Thanks for the post. You were able to explain very well the reasons why foreign companies should choose the Philippines as an IT outsourcing destination.

  3. zgorres says:

    Surely! Philippines is the best destination for Outsourcing. Aside from the low cost-high revenue that foreign companies they are going to get, Filipinos offer sincere value and dedication for work such as Good and reliable customer service. Proud to be PINOY!

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