Why You Need to Hire a Professional Virtual Assistant

If you’re already feeling the pinch of working long hours, but not as productively as you’ve hoped for, it’s about time to consider hiring a professional virtual assistant. By delegating certain administrative work and repetitive tasks to a competent virtual assistant, you will be amazed how much time, money, and energy you’ll gain for yourself and for building your business.

7  Great Benefits of Working with a Professional Virtual Assistant

  • Better access to talented and capable individuals who can work for you without paying premium rates.
  • Gain more flexibility in your business.
  • Get a highly personalized service for your specific business needs.
  • Business owners can hire a professional virtual assistant on a short-term or long-term basis.
  • Anyone can enjoy the services of a virtual assistant whether you own a large company or a small business.
  • You don’t have to spend money on employee benefits or for additional office equipment and space expansion expenses.
  • Professional Virtual Assistant services will not cost you any payroll taxes.

Quick List of Things a Professional Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

Customer support. With a personal virtual assistant, you automatically have your own customer service representative at a very low cost. She or he is highly skilled and can handle your clients’ calls professionally or respond to emails or live chat.

Data entry assistant. Many Virtual Assistants are carefully trained in accurate data entry and other secretarial tasks.

Offline and Online Marketing support. If you want to set up your own website or blog, virtual marketing assistants can do a perfect job for you at a lesser expense than hiring someone to work in your office. Or if you plan to engage in email marketing, your VA can manage your web-marketing program.

Virtual Sales assistant. If you’re looking for a competent and well-trained individual for your sales department, hire a professional virtual assistant who can keep track of your client sales activity.
Researcher. If you want quick information about certain areas in your business, your VA can easily deliver them to you swiftly. You no longer have to do all this time-sucking research, but focus instead of building and growing the profits of your business.

Human Resource staff. Have a personal assistant who can find the right people for your other job requirements. She or he will handle the tedious process of screening applicants, checking references, and setting up interviews or meetings.
A concierge. So you also want a Virtual Helper who can make reservations for you, send flowers or wine to one of your clients, or find a perfect vacation destination for you in the Philippines? No problems – your virtual personal assistant is perfect for this type of job.

When it comes to finding a truly qualified professional virtual assistant, Live2Care is one of the finest and longest-standing virtual assistant providers. We offer our clients highly skilled and well-trained virtual assistants at a beyond competitive cost. Just send us a message or call us today and experience a great way to increase productivity and profits in your business!

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7 Responses to Why You Need to Hire a Professional Virtual Assistant

  1. sharon_miriam says:

    Yes we can save money, boost profits and attract top people to the company thro virtual assistance in a customer service call center

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  3. eluminouschaitu says:

    I think a lot of people under-estimate the level in which a VA could help not only expand their business, but also give them more time to spend with family (or friends, or pets!).

    A lot of people (like Todd) use VA’s for small projects, because those are A) the easier things to pass off and B) easy to fix if done incorrectly – but we really can be used for so much more!

    The important thing to remember is to do your research when sourcing out a VA. If you make sure that the person you are hiring gets you, and jives with not only your personality but your business objectives as well – the sky really is the limit (and that’s where the 4 hour work week becomes attainable!).

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