Live2Sell Launches New, Dynamic & Improved Corporate Website!

It’s finally live! The “New” Live2Care company (part of the Live2Sell Group) website! Launched on Friday, October 1, 2010, the revamped Live2Care site shows a fresh, professional, and elegant corporate look optimally geared towards providing online visitors and clients with a smooth and user-friendly surfing experience.

Live2Sell Group of Companies“As our corporate brand continues to grow and gain more and more traction in the market place, a re-vamp of our website, which has served us very well, in terms of gaining more clients for us, was on the cards!” commented CEO, Chris C. Ducker when interviewed for this release. “Personally, I love the fresh new look, and I believe it will only help us create more fun, enjoyable and profitable relationships in the coming months and years…”, Ducker continued.

Here are the new features and changes of the new site:

  • A beautifully enhanced Home Page that highlights the corporate video and major services, as well as improved interface functionality and clarity.
  • Artistic general layout and better positioning of icons of industries currently using Live2care’s services.
  • New items in the navigation menu:

o A Get Started button for a quick access for our new clients to gain free, no-obligation quotes!

o A new Career page for interested and talented job-seekers who want to join the growing Live2Care family.

  • Improved side bar, including the opportunity to download the company’s CEO’s popular eBook, for free.
  • Updated font styles throughout the website.
  • Auto-play video and dynamic features or interaction processes through the company blog.

“Have you seen that e-commercial that shows four or five people hovering around a laptop as they launched their new website? They cheered when they saw the results of their combined efforts,” Internet Marketing Manager, Jobette Escobanas, said. “The feeling was the same and we were quite elated when the Live2Sell Group of Companies CEO, Chris C. Ducker, congratulated us for the great job.”

Quality online experience browsing the webpages of Live2Care is what these changes are all about. This is a terrific example of the company’s aim to provide an excellent customer experience in all possible aspects of customer service.

Enjoy browsing the webpages of Live2Care and get more information about the major services that the company provides to their valued clients. To learn more about the company and their vision, visit the About Us page. Or if you want to avail of one of the major services that include Inbound Support, Outbound Telemarketing, Virtual Assistant Services, or Seat Leasing, just visit the new and improved site at, or call toll-free at 1-888-370-2273.

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