Business to Business Appointment Setting: The Key to Successful Telemarketing Campaign

With today’s advanced technology that allows you faster access and innovative ways to connect with customers, generating high quality sales leads through business to business appointment setting still remains a daunting task.

Your ability to cope with the challenges will conclude the positive results or lack of it, in terms of your appointment setting campaigns. We at Live2Sell can provide you the complete solution to all your telemarketing needs.

 Appointment SetterHere’s a list of benefits when you use our appointment setting services:

  • Turn large volume of prospects to buying customers
  • Increase registrations
  • Significantly increase your ROI in a short period of time
  • Generate high quality leads at affordable rate
  • Reduce the cancellations thru our customer retention programs
  •  Cross-sell and up-sell products through innovative techniques
  • Ultimately give you long-term profit in your campaign

Our campaign, the appointment setting in the Philippines is customized to fit to your company’s value proposition, products or services, and target market.

These are the essential processes on how we go about our appointment setting program:

  1. Cold calling  –  a process of reaching prospective customers via telephone, who are not expecting such call
  2. Possible Rebuttal –  this requires the use of subtle argument scripts to counteract rebuttals from prospect
  3. Call back or follow-up – The appointment setter ensures that future appointments are listed for follow-up if customer is unable to take the call.
  4. Confirmed Appointment – Any positive response from the prospect will be converted as qualified leads
  5. A level lead – this is a qualified lead that shows the interest and the ability to make a buying decision. The appointment setter has already validated the need, budget and purchasing authority.
  6. Cancelled appointments – there are various reasons why appointments are cancelled. Mostly, decision maker is not able to commit to any offer perhaps due to busy schedule.
  7. Rescheduling – If in case the appointment setter is unavailable for a particular appointment, he can request to reset the schedule with the customer.
  8. High quality sales lead – A prospect has confirmed interest in the proposal and meets all standard buying requirements.

Why Live2Sell

Live2Sell Group is headquartered in Cebu, Philippines–considered as the rising BPO hub in the South, and well-known for its ample supply of English-speaking college degree holders and experienced professionals. Live2Sell features a simple and professional environment. The overall ambiance has a vivid color to boost the energy level of the staff, conducive for a fun but professional workplace.

Appointment setting is one of the key services we offer through our sophisticated call centers. Live2Sell is here to help you to search for quality leads, augment your customer databases and dramatically improve your overall profit. You will benefit more from our low-cost but highly experienced college-educated professionals with superb customer service and communication skills.

Our Appointment Setting Principles

If you want to generate quality leads for your business, it is essential to be properly prepared. Below are the principles that we follow in our B2B and B2C appointment setting campaigns.

  • Know your primary objective by heart.
    You should have a clear objective on what you want your prospects to do when you call them. It’s also good to have a Plan B objective—something that your entire team will aim to accomplish gradually. So, if one of your agents failed to close the call with a sale, you can at least convince the prospect to agree to receive additional information through a follow-up call or subscribe to a mail subscription. Your action plans should be based around your objectives for this campaign.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Law.
    U.S and Canada laws have carried out the Do Not Call regulations. This regulation states that you can’t call anyone listed on the Do Not Call list and users of telemarketing lists need to register for a Subscription Account Number (SAN). It will eventually lessen the phone numbers available, it can also self-select. Some people on the Do Not Call List may be open to getting sales calls from telemarketers.
  • Have an extensive list of prospects.
    The more prospects you have in your list, the better your chances of getting quality prospects for appointments. Maximize the number of your prospects to guarantee the success of your campaigns.
  • Create a compelling promotional message.
    Having a persuasive script is an integral part of your success in telemarketing. Prospects don’t want to waste their time. So make your pitch as clear, direct and as compelling as possible. You have to always keep in mind that they just want to know what they can get from your offer. Simply put, focus on the benefits you provide, not your company or something.
  • Train your appointment setter properly.
    The appointment setter or telesales person represents your company. Prior to starting your B2B appointment setting campaigns, you have to make sure that he understands his job thoroughly and knows how to establish a relationship with the prospects for you.
  • Test your telesales agent.
    After giving some ample training to your telemarketers, you should evaluate their competencies including the script and the prospect lists, if they all work. You need to fine tune problematic areas until you are satisfied with the response rate.
  • Monitor performance periodically
    You should evaluate their performance during a customer interaction to help line management pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and give telemarketers sufficient feedback and support. A vital step in our quality assurance procedure is the identification and documentation of specific and measurable goals which serves as a benchmark in handling customer concerns.
  • Continuously update your appointment setting campaign
    If you have seen any areas in your appointment setting campaign that doesn’t work, ensure that you discuss the changes you want to implement with your team and have their cooperation on this matter.

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6 Responses to Business to Business Appointment Setting: The Key to Successful Telemarketing Campaign

  1. Ronny Y says:

    Can you please email me the prices for the appointment setting services along with technology your company uses. Also, feel free to include any important information that you feel is necessary.

  2. Micky says:

    B2B appointment setting providers perform an important part within the viability of the company. You need to keep in mind that this type of organization may be the input obtaining much more work at home opportunities arriving. It’s also wise to keep in mind that competent prospects could be hard to acquire. It’s possible that the company is actually one which doesn’t have the required individuals or even knowledge dealing with the task. Because of this, outsourcing the task to some trustworthy prospecting company could be the correct answer for you personally. This particular moderate is really among the best indicates by which your organization could possibly get much more competent prospects. There are many benefits that may open by using prospecting providers. For the kind of company, using its distinctive requirements, it might be great to employ the actual providers associated with B2B visit environment providers. This process may be generating great results, which is just about all because of using telesales providers. You need to critically do this.

  3. Marc says:

    Cost conserving is certainly the number one benefit of paying for outsourcing work. The fact remains that around Asian countries, work is done with a much lower price than in the west. That is the reason why most United States and The European union outsource their particular work to countries such as The Philippines, Indian, China, etc. As well, there are extremely qualified pros in these eastern side countries, but because the living expenses are more affordable, they can work lower rates. Today, the main bulk of outsourcing work is the procedure that is offshore coming from countries for instance America, Europe, United Kingdom, Quarterly report and even Japan to these Asian countries mentioned above.

  4. Brian says:

    We are looking for a company which can provide guaranteed appointments (proposal generated based on customers interest) with 2x per week in service frequency or more for our National Support Center located in South Florida.

  5. Brian Avery says:

    Second Request.

  6. Nick Ford says:

    Great brave post here… it’s a wake up call for businessperson to set things up responsibly… thanks for posting!

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