Best Guidelines in Handling Objection During Appointment Setting

Objections during appointment setting campaigns come in different ways and form. How you identify and handle them is crucial to the end result of your telemarketing operations.

Appointment SetterThe first step to reduce the risk of losing a good prospect because of an unresolved issue is to understand the problem properly. So what is an objection then in the in the context of business to business appointment setting?

Based on experiential data, an objection is an issue or a concern that is manifested in different ways.

Some of the common objections include the following:

  • Prospects are just busy.
  • The client has had a problem with your company in the past.
  • They just don’t want to be disturbed.
  • Simply not interested.

They are generally manifested through a display of hostility towards the appointment setter specialist, a direct “no” answer to a question, a quick excuse or alibi, or answering you by way of comparison such as why these products are much better that yours.

The second step is to know what effective strategies you can use to overcome or minimize objections, if not avoid certain possibilities of objections.

Here are some of the efficient ways that you can do to handle appointment setting objections:

  • Let the prospects know that the objections are the reason for your call. You don’t want them to waste their time. Or your company has now made changes to rectify the issues in the past, and that you are now offering a better service or product.
  • When cold calling avoid asking why to the objections.
  • Focus on the benefits you are offering and make it believable.
  • Most importantly, know your prospects as much you can. You can use any quality information to your best advantage to avoid objection possibilities.
  • Look for new ideas and viewpoints that can help build sales skills.

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