Live2Sell Group of Companies Awarded 10 Outstanding Employees!

October 1, 2010 – Cebu, Philippines – Live2Care has awarded 10 outstanding employees in the company for their loyalty and great contribution to the growing success of the Live2Sell Group of Companies.

CEO Chris C. Ducker honored and awarded the principals with gift certificates and cash incentives in recognition of their immense value and devoted partnership to the Live2Sell Family.

Live2sell Employees

The event simply exemplifies the company’s ultimate aim to ensure a nurturing staff development and retention programs through recognition and rewards, aside from other in-house training and customer service culture concepts programs.

The ceremony started at 11 O’clock in the evening and was attended by top Executives and Managers, as well as by over 200 employees. Freshmen Awardees include Malou Solis, Harry Mabale, Raffy Palero, Viel Keenan Rusiana, and Roxan Saberon. Sophomore Awardees also include Charles Cimafranca, Christopher Rey Arong, Elizabeth Alvarez, and FLorie Ann Cañonera.

“I have only two words to describe my feelings about the event,” said Christopher Arong, US Campaign Manager and one of the recipients of the award, “Happy and proud! I am happy because it’s now my 2nd year in the company, and I know I’ll be here for as long as Boss Chris still wants me around. And I am proud because I see other agents under me also hitting their 1st year, and who are now Team Leaders themselves! It’s like seeing my kids graduating from high school with high honors.”

Live2Care currently offers expertise in inbound support and outbound telemarketing services that include lead generation, appointment setting, and customer relationship management.  The company also provides a comprehensive seat leasing service, as well as offering one of the best virtual assistant services in the industry.

The awarding ceremony is held annually to recognize outstanding individuals, motivate new employees to keep doing better with their performance, and maintain an ongoing climate of excellence in all aspects of customer service in the company.

“I’ve been waiting for this event to come and imagining myself receiving an award. It’s finally here and it’s just sweet!” said an elated customer service representative, Viel Keenan Rusiana.

For further information on Live2Care services, or want to avail one, contact us at 1-888-370-2273 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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  1. Sheriel says:

    Great job guys!…wish I am there to celebrate L2S’s great success with there great people…more power, and continue the job well done!…cheers:D

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