5 Effective Sales Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work

Sales are the lifeblood of business. The lack of sales is the number one reason that leads to a downfall of many businesses. To keep your sales pipeline growing, you need to develop certain skills and do things the right way.

Cold Calling RepresentativeThe very first step to become a successful salesperson is to build a solid base of prospects. And the best way to keep your base of prospects solid is through incessant and nurturing prospecting campaigns.

Cold calling, needless to say, plays a huge part in this regard and remains the most cost-saving and highly effective way to win more prospects and keep your sales tunnel filling up.

Below are Live2Care’s 5 effective sales cold calling techniques that can work magic to your business.

Do your homework
This is the first rung in the ladder that should be given careful consideration. Know your products inside and out and anticipate questions about their uses and benefits. And do a thorough research in your target market.

Do it just like in the movies
When it comes to cold calling script, do it like in the movies. Remember that movie you’ve really enjoyed watching? Well, the actors follow their scripts and deliver the lines as if they’ve just spoken them.

Make it brief and sweet
Get the attention of your contact. Give a short introduction about yourself and the company, and the reason for your call. You can then make a qualifying statement, and finally set an appointment. The ideal time for all these things to be accomplished is 5 minutes.

The art of calling back
There are instances that prospects ask you to call them back. Set a specific date and time. Gather whatever useful information you can from the call. When the time comes, call the contact again and approach him with the “you asked me to call” opening.

Know when to stop calling
By skipping that 20th call and avoiding the trap of calling the same prospect day after day, you’ll gain much quality of time connecting with new people.

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3 Responses to 5 Effective Sales Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work

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  3. Micheal - Australia says:

    The first factor that you just got to guarantee is that you just have a web site that suits and fits the bill. By that we have a tendency to mean that it ought to have an acceptable structure to it and fall among those norms specially in the opening sale spiel. Also, one should in fact use key words which is able to create your web site visible to those that matter.

    Content ought to be such that it captures your visitor’s attention. It’s every now and then the all differentiating issue between a buying deal and a no sale. The content ought to be as if somebody is chatting with them instead of giving a sales spiel. Your content should show a discrepancy from the remainder and new.

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