Top 3 Misconceptions of Lead Generation Management

Like any other major aspects in business, wherein misconceptions are prevalent, lead generation management also has its share of myths. In this post, we’ll look at the top 3 of them and see if we can manage to just dispel them and get your business back on track.

With that, here the 3 prevailing misconceptions of lead generation management:

Lead Generation Myths1. “Automation is enough for lead generation management.
This is the most common misconception today that has caused lots of confusion among business owners. The thing is: marketing automation solution alone cannot fix faulty sales process. But using marketing solution to go hand-in-hand with the standard business process is a perfect mix that works best in lead generation management.

2. “We put in place lead generation program for marketing          purposes only.
If a certain company only sees lead management as marketing initiative only, they may achieve some business success will not last for long. Lead management should be a process that involves a collaborative effort between sales and marketing, as well as other areas such as finance, IT, affiliates, among others. Having a holistic lead generation management process helps you get a highly sustainable long term solution.

3. “Lead qualifying and nurturing is enough to deliver a
successful lead generation management.

That’s correct, right? Wrong. As you may also know, lead scoring and lead nurturing are just two big parts of the whole lead generation management process. If you focus only on these two components is tantamount to feeding only 2 of your 4 children. That would make you a very bad parent.

The best thing to do is to put your efforts on taking into account the 4 major components of lead management such as Planning, Qualifying, Nurturing, and Data consolidation.

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