How to Overcome Legislative Hurdles When Working With a Telemarketing Call center

We may not be able to stop the ever-mutating legislative and restrictive guidelines in B2B telemarketing call center services. But as true professionals in the industry, we are always up for the challenge and keep doing better at what we do best: providing topnotch and professional telemarketing services that benefit both business owners and consumers.

B2B Telemarketing Call CenterUpgrading your telemarketing call center methods is very essential in this regard. Below are some practical points to mull over when upgrading telemarketing program, and initiating your lead generation and appointment setting campaigns.

Become Familiar with Telemarketing Regulations

Here are the five important rules that you have to comply in order to avoid being penalized or fined:

  • Get a license. This is a no-brainer actually. But there are some states in the US that are not too strict with telemarketing call centers operating in their area, even without a license to do so. But it’s always best to get a license when planning to initiate telemarketing campaigns in any state or country.
  • Obtain a Copy of the Do-not-call Lists. Always check your copy of the list before calling a prospect. There are certain people who have registered for the do-not-call list and they are off-limits for telemarketers.
  • Know about the Mandatory Caller ID Transmission. This is for the consumers’ security and a deterrent for prank callers as well. It could also serve as a way for your prospected clients to either receive your call or not.
  • Observe curfews. You’ll have to know when to call and when not to call. This will vary from one state to another.
  • Follow content restrictions. The law makes sure that the content of your telemarketing, or whatever you want to promote or sell, is not abusing the consumers.

3 Effective Telemarketing Techniques to Overcome Legislative Hurdles

  1. Always be professional. The main reason of all those rules and regulations in telemarketing call center services is the lack of professionalism, which resulted to many abuses in the past.
  2. Utilize multi-marketing strategies. Don’t just connect with your prospects through the phone. Leverage telemarketing campaigns with other strategies such as web-marketing and other traditional ways of making your brand known by consumers.
  3. Bring into play your customer relationship management (CRM) and exploit it to your advantage. This is the best time to reap the fruits of your CRM effort. Use your established customer relationships to your best advantage. The law allows you to call those consumers who already have a business relationship with your company, even if they are registered in the do-not-call list.

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