Telephone and Internet Lead Generation – The Deadly Combo to Kick-Start Business in 2011

The Internet has been the catalyst of a lot of changes in everything we know. It connects almost everyone in the world in a very awesome way. And telemarketers with gorilla marketing instincts are capitalizing on the opportunity with whooping success!

Telephone and Internet Lead Generation ServicesFrom 70% total sales produced using internet lead generation in 2009, according to a study by Econsultancy, the number goes up to 42% this 2010 and shows no sign of slowing down. That makes 81% of total sales gathered through online lead generation.

The rest of the sales are generated through usual marketing strategies such as telephone lead generation and other traditional methods.

Popular Ways of Online Lead Generation
The number one most popular method used in internet lead generation is a no-brainer: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through virtual marketing assistant. It currently holds 90% of the widely utilized and most effective channel for generating sales leads on the internet, according to the same report.

The other top popular ways include email marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and online display advertising.

Telephone Lead Generation Maintains Its Importance
Telephone lead generation, however, is still kicking and very much indispensable when it comes to the best way to connect with your prospected clients. Telemarketing has the element of personal touch when calling a prospect and making an appointment. Sales lead generation won’t be the same without telephone lead generation.

So although web lead generation is gaining much popularity in the lead generation landscape, telephone lead generation has been with us for a very long time. So long a time, it has already a very special place in our telemarketing hearts. It has created a unique tradition of its own. We associate telephone lead generation to a lot of our success. And, as you may know, like an old good habit, it’s hard to break.

Telephone Lead Generation & Internet Lead Generation: A Super Combo
So to kick off our business this 2011, Live2Care presents our super combo solutions we can all enjoy and use to bring our success to new greater heights: Telephone Lead Generation & Internet Lead Generation. Our Live2Care Super Combo simply epitomizes a complete lead generation answer to keep sales leads supply lines filled up.

Live2Care is your ideal outsourcing partner in lead generation. The company offers comprehensive and highly customized outbound and inbound customer service, as well as virtual assistants and seat leasing services.

Live2Care wishes you all the best always this coming 2011! Become one of our fast-growing partners in 2011, contact us now!

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