4 Telemarketing Ideas You Can Do Without

At Live2Care, we usually blog about invaluable telemarketing tips, mistakes to avoid when cold calling, company culture and practices you need to have to grow your business.

Telemarketing IdeasToday would be a little bit different. Because today we will talk about telemarketing ideas you can do without. If you want to increase the profits of your company and get more customers, getting rid of these 4 telemarketing ideas would be best for your business:

  1. Follow the rules. Okay, this is a telemarketing idea most telemarketers can’t live without. Rules are made to serve us, brief guidelines to keep telesales people from abusing the consumers. But there’s something greater idea that transcends the idea of following the rules. And that is: know the rules and break them.
  2. I can do it on my own. You are successful because you have brilliant telemarketing ideas and they often work. That’s why you are very successful. But this kind of mentality can also be your ruin. Remember, you can never be an expert in everything. Get rid of this kind of mentality and start soliciting suggestions from other brilliant persons like you.
  3. Chill out, rest on your laurels. You have done a good job of putting in place a solid telemarketing plan. So now’s a time to hang the gloves, everything’s right on target, and expect for a bright tomorrow. You deserve it, right? Wrong. Making a good plan is just the first step. Taking action is another. Besides, the pace in the market today is moving very fast. You have to think and stay ahead of the competition. What you may have in your plan today may not be that effective tomorrow.
  4. If it doesn’t work the first and second time, forget it. This single idea has killed many potentially good ones. If you have thought out a new good strategy, give it time to work. If it doesn’t work the first and second time, make necessary adjustments and try the third time a bit harder. Keep in mind that Thomas Edison made an idea work after a thousand attempts. Well, it doesn’t mean you have to try an idea a thousand times. But if it’s worth that much, why not?

If you want your business to flourish, always try to look and examine what are the ideas does the company offering telemarketing services that can  guide and drive all your appointment setting and lead generation efforts. Are they helping your business? If not, get them straightened out and you’ll soon get your business on the right track. And if you want to take your business from kickstart to awesome, contact Live2Care today!

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