How to Create the Perfect Call Center Spiel


Follow the three easy steps below to creating an effective call center spiel.

The better your call center spiel, the greater your chances of getting good feedback from satisfied and happy customers. And happy customers mean loyalty to your business and higher repeat business ratios, which can also attract more new customers to buy or use your business.

A great quality call center spiel will make sure that you are not wasting the time of your customers.

Goes without saying, good opening and closing spiels are very important. They  are brief and concise remarks or responses that go straight to the point. They have a beginning, middle, and end.

That said, below are the essential steps on how to craft an effective call center opening and closing spiels.

Step 1: Writing an opening spiel

Opening spiels for an inbound call center normally start with the name of the agent and the company with an open-ended question. To illustrate, the opening part would sound like this:

Good day! My name is Monica. How may I help you today?”writing a call center spiel

Opening spiels for outbound call center, on the other hand, is far more different. Unlike the former in which you’ll be asking what you can do for the client, the opening spiel for telemarketing plays a crucial part especially the first 10 seconds.

You need an opening spiel that asks for someone to whom you can talk to and promote a product or services. To wit, the spiel will read like the following:

Hi! This is Monica of Live2Sell. May I speak to the person in charge of your HR department?”

Step 2: Writing a middle spiel

The middle part of a call center spiel should include in brief the information the customer particularly wants or the message you want to convey to potential customers. For an outbound telemarketing call center spiel, you should present a concise reason for calling: describing a problem that a client is facing and the solution and benefits you’re offering.

Step 3: Writing the closing spiel

Closing spiels should aim to leave a good impression on the clients. This would include a quick wrapped up of the conversation and an expression of gratitude for the customer’s time. Closing spiel may sound like this:

Is there anything else I can do for your Sir/Madam?”
(For inbound call center closing spiel)

Thank you so much for your time. Have a nice day!”
(For outbound call center closing spiel)

These call center spiels are just quick samples of the awesome things we’ve been using in the company. If you want to experience all the goodness that Live2Care can do for your business, helping you perhaps to skyrocket the sales ratios of your company, just give us a call today!


If you’ve any great ideas to share with our readers in regards to crafting an excellent call center spiels, please let us know in the comment below!

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  3. Sybil A. says:

    A good sales pitch and customer service attitude will surely generate revenue.

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