5-Step Guide to Writing Killer Phone Scripts

Don’t listen to those telemarketing blokes who told you about not using  phone scripts or spiels when cold calling. They are either not telling you the truth or their telemarketing services are just terrible. Either way, try to avoid them like a plague or they will contaminate your organization and ruin the best potential of your company. Besides, we know better.

Telemarketing Scripts E - bookWe specifically know that without a script when cold calling prospects is inviting disaster to your lead generation campaigns. Phone scripts or spiels are silver bullets for telemarketers. Successful telesales pros use them because they value the time of their customers and potential customers. And the same customers love them for it.

Below are the 5 steps of crafting an effective phone script.

  1. Never call with a pitch in mind. Craft your opening line carefully that aims to connect with your customer right off the bat. Avoid hackneyed opening like “how are you?” Come up with something fresh. With Live2Care, our clients only hear fresh opening lines from us.
  2. Using words like “quick”, “briefly” and the likes can help. They can especially put your customers at ease. And those words let your prospects know that they are busy and that you respect their time.
  3. The first 10 seconds is crucial. What comes out from your mouth in the first 10 seconds can either interest your clients or send them running for the hills. Make those precious seconds count, and count well.
  4. Get your message across the most clear and concise way possible. Convey the reason of your call as brief as possible. Let the prospects know how a certain product and service can truly benefit them or offer perfect solutions to their problems.
  5. Qualify. This is the secret sauce of a perfect phone script. Replete your cold calling spiel or script with qualifying questions and ways for appointment setting.

At Live2Care, we make sure to bring the best quality of lead generation campaigns at every stage. Find out what it’s like to work with us and how we help sky rocket your sales lead generation, business to business lead generation, and mortgage lead generation efforts. Call us toll-free today!

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