5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Telemarketing Services Company

Knowing what to ask when hiring a telemarketing services company can guarantee quality results. One of the big reasons some business owners don’t get what they want from outsourcing service providers is because they are not exactly clear with what it is they want, right from the start.

Telemarketing Services CompanyWith that, as one of the leading outsourcing telemarketing companies in the Philippines, Live2Care offers you some invaluable tips on how to make the most of hiring a telemarketing company. Let’s start with the 5 crucial questions to ask an outsourcing company before hiring them.

  1. Do you have to sign a short-term or long-term contract?Now, let us put this straight. We understand that every time we mentioned the word “contract” our clients for some reason cringed. Yes, we know. We’ve heard horror stories that had happened to our clients in the past.At Live2Care, we are confident that our lead generation services, appointment setting, or outbound telemarketing services in general can deliver quality results to our clients that no formal contract is necessary. Our telemarketing services are provided on a month-to-month basis and can stand on their own merits. Whether you look for short-term or long-term partnership with us, just give us a call (toll-free) and we’ll work out a win-win solution.
  2. How quickly can you start? Outsourcing companies are supposedly designed for speedy solutions for business needs and skills requirements. Live2Care is that kind of an outsourcing telemarketing company. Our organization takes pride of its high flexibility and speed of response to our customers’ needs. We can set up a telemarketing team for you in a matter of days or a week, depending on the number of people you require on a campaign.
  3. How skilled and experienced are your telemarketers?Many outsourcing companies just don’t have enough qualified and truly skilled telemarketers resulting to a subpar service. Most of them rely wholly on training and utilizing entry level telemarketers. At Live2Care, you can assure to get highly skilled and experienced telemarketers to ensure best quality service for your business.
  4. How will you make our company stand out from the crowd?At Live2Care, we are hard-wired to make a difference. We abhor the clichés and the hackneyed. So when talking to your prospected customers, you can assure that what they will hear from us about your company would be something very compelling and fresh that they would pay attention.
  5. Do you have a client interaction in place?Giving and receiving feedback is essential. This is a mark of a highly successful telemarketing services company. Client interaction and feedback can help delve deeper into what the clients want and need, which goes the same way to the business partner as well. This also paves the way to further improvement and get the job done the best way possible.

Live2Care offers you an intelligent approach in telemarketing services. We provide lead generation and appointment setting services with high turnover rates. Experience what it’s like to work with a topnotch telemarketing services partner that can take your business to new heights! Call us!

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