Three Smart Ways to Bolster Appointment Setting Campaigns

Want more customers? Live2Care will now give you our three favorite ways to connect with prospects, get them to know, like and trust your company brand, and eventually move them into loyal customers. If you’ve been an appointment setting pro for a while, you’re probably familiar with the “know, like, and trust strategy”. Successful telemarketers use it to generate more leads and close more sales.

Best Appointment  Setter in the PhilippinesAt Live2Care, we completely understand that every potential client should know, like and trust us before he becomes willing to complete the sale. Again, that’s easier said than done. But following these 3 smart ways, applying the “know, like, and trust concept”, can surely help to get the desired results:

Go beyond the small talk

Seasoned appointment setters are pretty much skilled in making small talk, without wasting the time of the client. They utilize sales tricks to ignite interest from potential customers. And they know where they’re going exactly: set the appointment. They call it the art of telemarketing.

Walk the Walk as well as Talk the Talk

Make sure to deliver the promise, be always true with your words, and never mess up the big moment. When a prospect says yes to your offer, you need to ensure that everything goes seamlessly from there. Nothing can ever piss off a potential client than a bad customer service experience. Or when a prospect raises an objection or an issue, especially when doing financial appointment setting, and you don’t have the answer yet, or don’t know how to answer, don’t ever talk your way out of it. Be honest and tell the client that you’ll find out the answer and get back to him as fast as you can.

Be gracious

Regardless of the results, or whether your insurance appointment setting campaign pans out or not, be always gracious. Even when a customer expresses her satisfaction of a certain product and wants to return it, thank them for their time and for giving your product a chance, and that you’ll make necessary changes to improve the product. Customers may sometimes hate a product for some valid reasons, but never make them hate you, too. Trust us, it really pays to be always gracious.

These are just three of the smart ways that Live2Care uses when it comes to appointment setting. If you’ve been frustrated of the results you have had with other outsourcing telemarketing companies before, at Live2Care, we’ve thought out of everything to amaze. Jumpstart the profits of your business today, call us now!

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