How to Choose the Right International Call Center Services

When your company is getting bigger, and you’re now receiving a huge influx of phone calls than you can handle, outsourcing international call center services is a perfect way to bridge the gap. You’ll be able to accommodate all phone calls and emails from your clients without spending too much money and time growing your internal staff.

Before you look for the right call center services provider, there are important things that you need to consider such as the following:

Call Center PhilippinesResearch Multiple Options

Always know your best options. Do some research of global call center services operating today. Two of the top outsourcing destinations for call center and telemarketing services are India and the Philippines. The latter leads the pack with its better access to well-trained, college graduates, English-speaking call center agents. Also, the costs of both countries for their professional outsourcing services are amazingly affordable.

Whether you do your outsourcing inland or to Cebu, make sure to find out how comprehensive their customer service solutions are, their years of experience, and the quality of equipment they’re using.

Collect Feedback from Customers

Try to find out what the customers are saying about each call center vendor you’re considering. Keep in touch with them if that’s possible to know about their experience with their service.  A quick search on Google would be a good place to start. You just type in the right keywords and read about the testimonials and reviews of each company.

Compare Costs

The overall cost will depend on the number of people you need, the type of setup of your solution, and other services that you require such as script assistance and multiple language support. One guiding principle when looking for the right call center services is experience. But expect to pay a premium to hire the most experienced international call center services with their best breed of agents.

However, compare to hiring a vendor from the U.S., outsourcing your call center needs to the Philippines is far more cost-effective.

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