5 Quick Steps to Getting Started with a B2B Appointment Setting Services Partner

Today’s business landscape changes faster than the traffic signals in New York City! The fact of the matter is, you’ve got to be ‘in it, to win it’. The use of the telephone in business is nothing new. But, there is a huge percentage of small to medium-sized businesses out there that have still not starting utilizing B2B appointment setting services.

However, for savvy business owners that have something of value to offer other businesses, asking them to stay away from teaming up with appointment setting companies is like asking Michael Jordan (the one in the 90’s, not now!) to NOT dunk the basketball on a fast-break!

Here’s five quick tips to get you started in putting together an successful B2B appointment setting campaign:

#1 – Do Your Research!

There are many companies out there offering B2B appointment setting services. Some are obviously more experienced and better than some. Spend some time to check a few out. Pick up the phone, call them, speak with one of the business development people and ask as many questions as you like to get a better feel for them, and their competences.

#2 – Don’t Waste Time!

For every day that goes by that you don’t team-up with an appointment setting services provider, it’s another day that’s gone by where your competition is already doing just that! Underestimating the sheer power behind a strong, professionally run telemarketing campaign is silly. It works. It’s fast and it gets results. Jump on board. Now.

Appointment Setter#3 – Get Your Script Ready!

This is telemarketing. You’ll need a script. But, keep in mind that this is not sales appointment setting. Just simple, ‘we can help you, would you like to speak to one of our senior management’ appointment setting. Keeping your telemarketing script simple, engaging, to the point and short is key to producing great quality appointments for your salespeople to get stuck into.

#4 – Get Your Sales Team Ready!

Speaking of salespeople… What ‘closer’ in the world doesn’t like and appreciate warm leads and appointments. As a business owner, you want to have your closers doing exactly that – closing. Not prospecting. Working hand-in-hand with an experienced B2B appointment setting services provider will enable you to keep your sales team busy, motivated and closing more business than ever before!

#5 – The Numbers Never Lie!

Telemarketing, and particularly appointment setting has its history to look back on. And the main number that crops up is 10%. Which means for every 100 dials of the phone you make, 10 of them will turn into a ‘pitch’. Out of those 10 pitches, you’ll set one appointment. So, as you can tell, it’s a pretty time consuming activity and not something that a ‘true’ salesperson should be doing. Focus in on the numbers, get creative and smart and work with an appointment setting services company to make sure you’re maximizing the people that bring home the bacon for you!

As you can tell, this isn’t too though to figure out. However, as we mentioned at the top of this article, there are so many businesses out their not engaging the right provider to work on their appointment setting.

FACT: The are hundreds of prospective clients out there right now – just waiting to order the products and services that you have to offer, right now!

Teaming up with a company like Live2Sell as your B2B appointment setting services partner will enable you to get in front of more prospects, more frequently, producing more sales. This is what we’ve done for over five years, and its what we’re known best for. Call us today, and we’ll call FOR YOU, tomorrow!

4 Responses to 5 Quick Steps to Getting Started with a B2B Appointment Setting Services Partner

  1. appointment setting says:

    These Five steps are really very informative and beneficial for successful appointment setting. Thanks for sharing this useful steps.

  2. Joseph Eric Smith says:

    I am taking online college courses and one of my fellow classmates brought up this line of work as what he does and promises information on getting started but I like to do my own extra research to help me find correct information and help me make better informed decisions which are better for everyone concerned.

    Please send me some more information about this business and the job opportunities that are available or may become available with your company. I do not ask for information on a whim, I only pursue information on a subject that I am seriously interested in. I do not want to waste my time or yours.

    If the e-mail address is not sufficient enough to convey your presentation then you may contact me at home through the number: (704) 263-5550 I do screen the calls on this phone number so if I don’t recognize the number right off the a short message would suffice for me to recognize the source of the call and return your call as quickly as possible.

    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

  3. Reina says:


    We are looking for a service that will call our patients to verify/confirm their appointments and also to re-schedule the patients that did not keep their appointment.

    Please let me know if you have a solution for this.

    Thank you


  4. Charles says:

    Need Telemarketing services

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