How to Empower Your Appointment Setter and Generate More Leads

The key to accomplish your sales goals is through appointment setter empowerment.

Sales pros once revered the volume technique, which focuses on a high quantity of sales pitches to generate more numbers of sales. This is no longer the case as we’ve always mentioned in our previous articles. The shift towards quality becomes sharper, apparent and indispensable to every savvy marketer in the business.

Quality doesn’t only refer to the quality of prospects in your list, but the quality of each individual appointment setter you have in your team. Many telemarketing companies have neglected to pay attention to this very essential piece of the equation. Don’t make that mistake. If you want to bring your appointment setting campaigns to greater heights, empowering your appointment setters and keeping them motivated is the way to go.

That said, here are effective tips on how to empower your appointment setter and ensure top performance and accomplish sales goals:

A Sense of Belongingness

An increase in their compensation is always a welcome strategy, but may not be a practical or permanent solution. Remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in your psychology class? The need to belong is on the third level of the hierarchy of needs for all people.

Whether they’re working within your office or teaming up with an outsourcing company, your lead generation appointment setting team needs to feel fully involved and integrated with your organization. If you achieve that, you will have them at their top level performance and they’ll keep you well informed about your campaign and client base.

The “belongingness” strategy works best at the emotional level. And with their emotional investment comes a pride in the company they represent, and knowing that their actions and overall performance influence the whole flow and end result of the campaign, there will be no lack of a strong motivational push that will set more appointments or close more deals.

Empower Appointment Setters to Make Their Own Decision

Let them make their own decisions within certain parameters. During appointment setting lead generation campaign, there will be plenty of decisions to be made on the spot. Allow them to exercise their training, read each situation they’re in and make the call.

Let them know that you completely understand the ups and downs of the industry, in which they’ll be dealing with objections, rejections from clients, and many other challenges to reach the goal. Allow them to make certain decisions that they seem fit and appropriate.

Learn to Seek and Give Feedback

To ensure the success of the campaign, you have to work as a team. Let your appointment setters know that you seek feedback from them, right off the bat. Listen carefully to those feedbacks. If the feedback is valid, some changes or tweaking will be necessary to make everything work according to plan.

When something pans out, give your feedback – absolutely. When some things aren’t working, tell them that too and why.

Make It Fun

Self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Live2Sell Appointment Setting Solutions

At Live2Sell, empowering our people is a top priority. They’re the secret sauce that has made us one of the best outsourcing appointment setting companies in the world today. We have complete faith in each appointment setter in the company. Contact us today to know how our holistic approach to appointment setting lead generation solution can make a huge difference to your business.

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