Maximize Business Top Line with Live2Sell’s Appointment Setting System

Searching for ways to boost your lead generation and inside sales? Growing and expanding your company’s marketing department is one of the most effective solutions to build your revenue. Achieve this by increasing your sales force, bolster advertising budget, develop current product/service lines, and go into new geographical areas.

Appointment SettingWith Live2Sell’s solid and proven appointment setting programs, we can offer you with the most efficient and custom-fit solution that suits best your business needs. We ensure a steady flow of sales leads in your pipeline. Turn to Live2Sell when you need truly reliable, dedicated and scalable appointment setting services.

Our system in generating and verifying new sales leads is inclusive of all essential factors that directly impact the result of the campaign. These crucial factors include:

  • Getting the message across. We’ll start by knowing and getting a full understanding about your business such as what you’re selling and their real benefits, and what makes your company stands out from the crowd. We’ll drill down to know the very core of your business and figure out what we can do to best represent your business to your consumers.
  • Deploy your own team of specialists. Once we fully understand your business, we’ll put together a team of highly skilled and experienced agents to handle your campaign. We have an ongoing program in the company to motivate and enhance personal initiatives of our appointment setters through continuous training and coaching between you and the agents.
  • Reach out to your prospects. Connecting to your targeted consumers is an art. The moment a prospect picks up the phone is a moment for your business to shine. It offers a very crucial window of opportunity to promote your business, establish relationships with prospects, and nurture them.
  • Analyze prospect data. We’ll evaluate all gathered data from SIC code, area code to annual sales size and industry type. We collect data from multiple sources and contact details will be verified to ensure accuracy.
  • Report and document results. We have a careful process of reporting and documenting the results of the campaign. This helps us improve our appointment setting techniques and strategies making sure we are on the right track. Expect some changes or maybe slight tweaks to our approach as part of our aim of achieving perfection of all our services. Our dedicated appointment setters are continually studying our call guide to master the natural flow of the message we want to get across.
  • Appointment setting management. We are always aiming to offer the best appointment setting solutions out there to boost the lead generation and inside sales of our clients and business partners. We continually instill in our staff a desire to thrive on any form of challenges.

To learn how we can help achieve the appointment setting and lead generation goals of your company, contact Live2Sell today! We provide cost-effective and customized appointment setting system that really works.

2 Responses to Maximize Business Top Line with Live2Sell’s Appointment Setting System

  1. David Williams says:

    Making appointment setting calls is all about efficiency. It’s about the number of prospects being contacted for an appointment regardless of the outcome.

  2. Jorge says:

    Please contact me via phone for lead generation projects.

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