5 Highly Effective Upselling Tips to Boost Your Bottom Line

Looking for creative ways to supersize the bottom line of your business? Live2Sell has you covered. We utilize a wide range of upselling strategies and methods that work effectively to different sales prospecting situations. To give you some fantastic ideas of what we do and how we do it, here are five great tips that are sure to increase your sales and attract more patronizing customers.

Call Center Solutions1. We time it right

Understanding the sales cycle is key to generating more leads and closing sales.  For instance, never treat upselling as an afterthought. Your customers can feel it very easily. What we do is we strike when the iron is hot. That means when the customer already agrees to the primary offer, we present a secondary offer. With the customer in the mood to buy, she will more likely accept the additional offer.

2. We keep the offers relevant

We don’t sell grapes when our customers are buying bananas, and vice versa. To ensure more success, we only upsell products or/and services that are related to primary product or service we are selling. For instance, when our client accepts our web design service, he may also want to avail to our web marketing package.

3. We sell solutions, not just services

Consumers purchase a product or service to fill a need. With that in mind, we make sure to identify specific needs of our customers and give them solutions that can satisfy said needs. For example, we know that our web design clients will also need to promote their websites, so we offer them a solution that can help them meet those needs.

4. We offer a range of options

Providing a wider range of upsale options can help appeal to both money-is-no-object types and budget shoppers. For instance, we offer the customers with service packages for a much higher price, as well as discounted deals or bundles to sweeten the deal.

5. We explain the benefits

While upselling with the customers we make sure they know the main benefits they will get from the product or service we’re pitching. This will prove to them that the offer would be a worthwhile purchase whether it’s cost savings, hassle-free solution, or additional security. This will help make the additional offer more enticing.

These are just some of our proven upselling strategies that have worked effectively in many of our upselling campaigns. Contact Live2Sell today to learn more about our call center solutions and telemarketing services.

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  1. Outsourcing says:

    Timing is key to sales generation. The sales cycle is also seasonal, with clients making less inquiries in the last quarter of the year, depending on the company’s niche market. That said, companies should set reasonable sales goals for every quarter of the year.

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