8-Step Guide to Lead Generation Management Success

Check out this eight-step lead generation process that really works.

Lead Generation ManagementSuccessful lead generation management occurs when marketing and sales work together to create a strategic plan that yields quality leads and sales results. It requires careful research, planning and execution.

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To give you some ideas on how we go about our lead generation program, here are the 8 steps involved in the process:

1. Quantify the goal
Before we get started, we make sure that the goals are well-defined. We calculate the number of hours each telemarketer will work and the possible number of leads that each can generate. We also compare previous results of our campaigns with yours so we know what to expect and adjust accordingly.

2. Gather a prospects list
This is a numbers game, so the more prospects in the list, the better. We will gather all the pre-qualified prospects. Do the necessary research we need to learn more about them and how we can best connect with them and create sales opportunities.

3. Train the sales team
We have skilled and trained sales workforce. We also have an ongoing training for our all our staff members, especially when we have a new account or a campaign. The program typically includes a comprehensive study of our client’s business, review the qualifying questions, and how to process the lead form when it’s completed.

4. Motivate
This is a very important aspect in our lead generation management program. We are only as good as the people working with us. We make sure that they are properly motivated through our recognition and rewards system.

5. Collect all the qualified leads
We collect all the generated leads for follow up and evaluation.

6. Follow through
We distribute the qualified leads to our sales pros for follow up, which are, of course, in consistent with the prospects’ expectations. For instance, if we promised to send the prospect the magazine, we send it. Or when we said to call for that exact date, we make the call.

7. Keep Track of the Results
This will enable us to determine what worked or didn’t work, and why.

8. Assessment
Once we have all the data, assessment will follow. This way we can calculate the exact return on investment (ROI). We will compare the results with our goals.

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