How to Write an Outsourcing Business Plan

The task of creating an outsourcing business plan can be pretty daunting, especially for a business owner who’s just getting his feet wet in integrating business process outsourcing (BPO) services into his business. There are a lot of variables involved that you have to mull over carefully before you make any decision.

outsourcing business planIf you’re seeking for ideas that can help you create a roadmap that will, to some degree, serve as a guide and govern the path of your business for the coming years, then you’re in for a little treat. Live2Sell gives you our compact, general guidelines to writing your own outsourcing business plan.

Keep It Simple

Your business plan doesn’t have to read like a scientific formula to get you from point A to point B. It doesn’t have to be complex or confusing. All you need is a simple document that defines your vision – what you want to achieve and how to achieve them. It also has to be a solid and scalable plan.

Spend Time on Brainstorming

This is the crucial stage where half of the battle is won, so to speak. Before you put ink to paper, or start pounding on your computer, it’s good to sit down, consult with your team, and make some notes. Don’t limit yourself to your usual, standard business plan. Try thinking outside of the box.

When you’ve gathered everything you need, you’re ready to proceed to start writing the plan. This typically involves the following:

  1. Executive Summary. This sums up all the information contained in the document.
  2. Business Overview. It covers everything about your business.
  3. Management. Indicate here the key players behind your business.
  4. Target Market. Who are your targeted consumers? Where to reach them?
  5. Sales and Marketing. This outlines your specific strategies to connect and reach out to your targeted customers. Since you’ll be partnering with an outsourcing company, this will be the part where the outsourcing team (call center agents, sales teams, or appointment setters) comes in.
  6. Financial Statements and Projections. You can either do this on your own to create your own financial plan – how much you need to get started and what your sales and profits projections are in a certain time period – or you can hire an accountant to do this for you.
  7. Supporting Documentation. Supply any necessary documents relevant to your business.

Review Your Business Plan

Take your time to review your outsourcing business plan before you proceed to executing them. Treat the plan as a learning tool to help you understand your business better and how to further improve it. Now comes the proverbial “retain everything that’s useful and reject those are not.”

Keep in mind that your outsourcing business plan should only serve as a roadmap that will guide you to attaining your objectives, not a commandment written in stone. It should work to facilitate your decision-making and the dynamics of your entire business operation.

Select the Right Outsourcing Partner

This is the part where you look for the missing piece that will complete the puzzle – your business outsourcing partner. Depending on your specific business needs, whether you’re seeking for the right call center outsourcing company, a telemarketing partner, or a sales lead generation vendor, be sure to choose the one that has the technology and competency to represent your business. Choose a partner that shares your business outlook and core values in attaining your business objectives.

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