Seth Godin’s Top 3 Tips to Become a Better Sales Lead Specialist

Sales lead professionals love Seth Godin.

If you’ve read one of his books or heard him talk about marketing, you cannot but love him, too, especially for his brilliant ideas and great sense of humor.

He also runs one of the most popular, insightful blogs on the internet today, in which he covers everything business-related from marketing and customer behavior to building a tribe and social media.

Below are the three best takeaways from Seth Godin to become a better (if not best) telemarketer, appointment setter or sales lead specialist.

1. Be remarkable

If you want to succeed as a sales lead pro, be remarkable. You can’t afford not to.

Traditional marketing is not working anymore. If you want your marketing message to get across, you have to stand out from the crowd. Seth calls it the “purple cow” way. He wrote an entire book about it entitled Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.

If you haven’t read it yet, go do yourself a favor, find a copy and read it.

2. Find your precise market

It all starts with people. Look for your tribe, grow and nurture them. There are countless of people out there. But you don’t want all of them. Find your precise market that really needs your product or service. These are the people that want what you want.

Integrate online and offline lead generation strategies that have worked to your business. Reach out to your target consumers through telemarketing, online lead generation and social media.

Focus time and energy on building a connection with them; engage them in a conversation; and offer them something of value.

3. Put your ideas in the world

The best way to become a better marketer and sales specialist, according to Seth, is to do marketing. Do marketing as often as you can. Offer to become a marketer for a non-profit organization.

Start your own small business. Help a kid next door to market his lemonade.

Test your ideas in the world and only then you will know what works, or what not works, for you.

Final thoughts

Seth Godin, as you know, didn’t become one of America’s greatest marketers overnight. It took him many years of study and hard work mastering the craft he was most passionate about.

Today, through his books, blogs, videos and other media, he has showed us the tested-and-true path to achieving greater success.

Oh and this…

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