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About Live2Sell

In the business world, it’s all about maximizing growth and gaining market share. One thing we emphasize is that YOU WILL experience both with the Live2Sell Group of Companies.
Call Center Company
Live2Sell is a European-owned and American-managed, Philippines call center offering quality inbound call center services and support, along with providing comprehensive B2C and B2B Telemarketing services and complete business outsourcing solutions such as Appointment Setting and Lead Generation services.

With over 5-years in business and a collective 30+ years in call center management, we’ve worked in every major industry, helping a plethora of clients increase their business revenues, from day one.

Our caring customer service representatives and tenacious telemarketing executives not only have the skills, personalities, zest and energy needed to convincingly get the job done day in, day out, but they also have the desire to over-achieve and to outshine the competition.

All our staff come to us with the educational backgrounds you would want from an employee closer to ‘home’, and we strongly support everyone in maturing and coming out of their individual shells to enable professional brilliance at all ends of the corporate scale.

At Live2Sell we are consumed with partnering with our clients in every sense of the word. We believe that our thought process should be like yours – concentrating on saving money, but at the same time cultivating an offshore outsourcing campaign that will outshine anything you have ever put together in the past to maximize customer focus and service, as well as produce amazing results – all leading to increased revenues.

Setting up your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) campaign has never been easier, and if you’ve already been outsourcing your Outbound Telemarketing and Customer Service set-up’s for a while, we’ll help you take things to the next level – with obvious wins across the board.

Find out more about us and our management team, and check out our facilities.

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