Frequently Asked Questions

What types of costs are involved?

As all of our clients have different requirements when it comes to their Philippines call center set-up, it is a little hard to say exactly what your outsourcing campaign will cost to run until we know more. We gain all the information we need to quote you properly through an initial, free, no obligation phone consultation. Generally speaking we offer savings of 50-70% of costs in relation to what it would cost to run a similar campaign in the US, for example.

Do you put a long-term contract in place?

Except for a very basic operational agreement, on requirements of less than 10 outsourcing executives, there is no ‘formal’ contract put in place. Our services are simply offered on a month-to-month basis. On campaigns of 10 seats and above, there is a more in-depth agreement put in place, the details of which depends on your requirements. Simply contact us and we’ll work everything out so that everyone is happy.

When I decide to go ahead, how quickly can we start?

This depends on how many people you will require. If we don’t have someone ‘waiting in the wings’, or if you require a large number of people on your campaign, then we’ll require a period of 7-10 days before we can actually begin. We don’t hire ‘just anyone’, and take our time and ensure to employ people that not only we, but also YOU, can be proud to be associated with.

Will I be able to listen to, and monitor the calls my staff member is making / taking?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, you can take it to the next level and even ‘barge in’, take over the call and do the work yourself, if you like!

If our campaign revolves around the phone, what’s the line quality like?

We are in a business where quality is the single most important thing. We are very happy to say that our customers have reported to us that they have noticed no delay or major difference in the quality of the lines we use, against that of regular landlines in their respective countries. Why not ask us to call you, so you can find out for yourself!

Can I set the days and time that my staff with Live2Care will work?

Yes, you can decide the day or hours that suit you and your business. We work on Australian, U.K., European and U.S. business hours. Basically 24/7!

Do you help out in supervising, or do I have to constantly make sure my staff members are working?

Your outsourcing executives are fully supervised by our European and American management team, and their management support staff, at all times. We train, motivate and supervise all of our staff to make sure they become the best they can be – this helps you, us and the outsourcing executives themselves to all work with more focus, leading to great results.

Some companies have set-up fees, do you?

Generally speaking there will be no set-up costs, no hidden fees at all. From time to time (very rare) there might be requirements you have that we don’t already have up and running, in this case, there might be a small cost involved that we will inform you about prior to beginning your campaign.

This is obviously just a selection of the most frequently asked questions that our clients have on their minds when they begin thinking about outsourcing certain aspects of their business. For more information, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to chat with you further about setting up an easy to run, extremely profitable and completely painless outsourcing campaign!

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