Optimizing Your Growth with Our Outbound Outsourcing Services

Optimizing Your Growth with Our Outbound Outsourcing Services

With the rapidly changing business environment, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has come out as a vital element in the entire business platform of most companies. It allows them to take high priority on their core competencies and unload other non-core business operations to an offshore company

Aiming for the ultimate satisfaction from today’s consumer in any media can easily be reached if you have the required competencies and the right resources in telemarketing services .

The Ideal B2B Lead Generation

At present, Live2Sell is a B2B lead generation company, a highly-acclaimed heavyweight in the arena of outsourcing services which aims to provide superior quality telesales services that meet their client’s business requirements. You have come across a BPO service provider who is top of its class, facilitating call center and sales lead generation solutions of all types.

The chief tasks our appointment setting professionals provide to our clients are the following:

  • Market research and Surveys
  • Data Cleansing
  • Direct Sales Intelligence
  • Lead Mining, Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Other variations of our appointment setting services

The Best Call Center Solutions

At Live2Sell, we rely on the use of cutting-edge technology, our key area of technical and personable expertise and skills to offer the most outstanding offshore outbound call center services to our clients around the world. We optimize our expertise in offering end-to-end industry-specific BPO solutions to discriminating clients.

Our call center solutions make it convenient for clients to meet their integral objectives in reaching out to many potential customers. We, at Live2Sell, make it possible to reach your customers a reality. Hence, we have the ability to manage the recruitment of highly-qualified telemarketing professionals to carry forward those business goals on your behalf. We work hard and smart to fulfill your expectation which is why we have no-nonsense corporate principles of quality and ultimate client satisfaction.

Our Exceptional Telemarketing Services

Live2Sell have the substantial experience in handling all kinds of inbound call center outsourcing services as we have surpassed many years and counting in offering telemarketing services for different sectors. These consists of education, insurance, telecommunication, financial services, healthcare, consumer and industrial goods, mortgage and so much more!

Why Choose Live2Sell Group of Companies

  • We are one of the top business process outsourcing company operating worldwide.
  • We have wide domain telemarketing expertise and skills that suit your business requirements and challenges.
  • We provide integrated solutions that focus on reinforcing intrinsic value to a client through standardization and simplification of processes and optimization of resources
  • We offer effective and cost-saving solutions to significantly leverage your business goals
  • We ONLY hire the best of the best of highly skilled and experienced telemarketing specialists
  • We have state-of-the-art infrastructures and use cutting-edge equipment and technology.
  • We have years of industry experience in our pocket.

Contact Us NOW!

We can help you coordinate the systems and processes you need in just a few weeks time so that we can already start generating prospects for you without any delay. Our personable customer-focused approach will give you peace of mind, and our ideal offshore outsourcing location will ensure you reasonable and cost-effective rate. Contact us NOW to get a free quote custom-fit for whatever outsourcing service that you need.

To find out more on how to outsource with Live2Sell and grow your business by working with a trustworthy, professional, and proven outsourcing call center partner, simply complete our contact form below (giving us as much info as possible) and one of our executive staff will call you back.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the heavy volume of inquiries we receive, kindly appreciate that we cannot reply to you unless you include a telephone number.

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2 Responses to Optimizing Your Growth with Our Outbound Outsourcing Services

  1. Marc says:

    Outsourcing suggests allocating a certain specific online business process in an external agency that focuses primarily on the field. At times, all aspects in the business cannot be handled with the organization itself, and that is in the event it opts for outsourcing. Also, few processes are only for a limited time period and it is certainly not feasible to use professionals for your short-term who will do the work. In spite of the various important things about outsourcing, you also need to look with outsourcing problems before making deciding.

    Logistics, subject matter development, customer service, recruitment, site designing and even maintenance, therefore it maintenance will be the most commonly outsourcing aspects of the business. Contracting out can be within the country or outside as well. Option cheap work crews and professional knowledge concerning certain business enterprise processes are usually the main reasons for you to outsource offshore. It is better you no doubt know certain potential problems of paying for freelancers explained beneath, before you take your task to another country.

  2. Manish Kumar says:

    We are the leading company of outsourcing. Having a team of experts of MS-Excel, Word, Web-Scraping, Web Searching, Data Processing,Document Management, Database Development & Migration Data Mining Etc. Please provide me more details about the project, so we will be able to prepare a sample file for your review.

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